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T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

T-MOBILE brings you - MASS - Leonard Bernstein

6.3.2016 | Company: T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
The Mass was commissioned by Jacqueline Kennedy. Leonard Bernstein based the composition on the structure of the Catholic mass, but it contains numerous interpolations, reflections and meditations, rhythmic crowd scenes, bluesy confessions, rock-and-roll doubts and avant-garde instrumental parts based on 20th century symphonic music. Mass sections were composed with the Latin text, the added parts are in English. Despite mixed initial reception, the Bernstein's Mass is perceived as part of the best 20th century classical music due to its undeniable artistic quality. Along with the West Side Story and Chichester psalms it is one of the composer's masterpieces.


The Tap Tap: Nefňuka

24.3.2016 | Company: FORD MOTOR COMPANY, s. r. o.
The band of the handicap students of the Jedlička’s institute is no bunch of amateurs. During the 18 years of its existence the band has righteously found its way in the Czech show business and many times it represented the Czech Republic, also abroad. In collaboration with FORD MOTOR COMPANY, from April to June, 2016, this unique band will perform Nefňuka on the stage of National Theatre.


How to attract (not only) IT specialists to your company?

2.6.2016 | Company: Deloitte
We are pleased to invite you to a workshop on attracting and retaining professionals in technology companies. Deloitee organizes this worshop together with the city of Brno.

Marriott Hotels International B.V., organizační složka

It´s time to meat @ surf & turf Prague Marriott Hotel

3.6.2016 | Company: Marriott Hotels International B.V., organizační složka
Surf & Turf is a gourment experience for all meat lovers.


Exit Provisions in M&A Transactions

8.6.2016 | Company: Deloitte
Exit provisions in joint ventures or similar investment arrangements can be key and critical in the lifecycle of a joint investment, should certain events occur.

3M Česko

Art of Modern Dentistry

10.6.2016 | Company: 3M Česko
3M is pleased to invite you to an international dental symposium Art of Modern Dentistry, which will be held on 10 and 11 June 2016 in Budapest.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Česká republika, s.r.o.

Project management – Base camp

13.6.2016 | Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers Česká republika, s.r.o.
This course will teach its candidates the techniques of project management through a unique case study – the ascent of Mt. Everest. It is suitable for project managers, but also for those who are experienced in managing projects beyond their main job responsibilities. After its completion, graduates will be able to successfully handle the most important concepts, processes and techniques of project management.

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.

ICAAP, pillar 2, economic capital and stress scenarios (in Czech)

14.6.2016 | Company: Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.
The attendants will be informed about the ICAAP framework for esp. credit risk as well as for other risks, methods of economic capital calculation, its aggregation and allocation, usage of Economic capital for managing a bank and stress testing. There will be presented the practical experience with implementation of risk and economic capital management and risk adjusted performance measurement.

Společnost pro strategické řízení, inovace a podnikatelství, o.s.

Presidents’ Seminar: Innovations and strategies in the banking sector for digital transformation era

15.6.2016 | Company: Společnost pro strategické řízení, inovace a podnikatelství, o.s.
Presidents’ Seminars feature international leading authorities, CEOs and senior executives sharing their visions and presenting learnings from major strategic / transformation / revitalisation programmes of leading global corporations.


Seminar Mazars and VDP: How to evaluate and motivate employees

15.6.2016 | Company: MAZARS
Mazars in partnership with Vilímková, Dudák & Partners are happy to invite you for the third seminar from the cycle "Life cycle of an employee" this time on topic "How to motivate evaluate and motivate employees". Seminar will take place on 15 June 2016 in conference room of Jurys Inn hotel in Prague. Seminar will be in Czech language.

Carlsbad International School s.r.o.

The Perfect Summer 2016

3.7.2016 | Company: Carlsbad International School s.r.o.
Camp Carlsbad is the perfect opportunity for boys and girls, ages 11 to 15, to make the most of their summer holiday! Campers get to make friends from all over the world, participate in a variety of sports and activities, practice English in an immersive environment, and most importantly, have fun! Camp Carlsbad runs weekly, from July 3rd to August 7th, and campers may book their stay from 1 - 5 weeks, depending on availability.

Carlsbad International School s.r.o.

Camp Carlsbad - book your perfect summer

3.7.2016 | Company: Carlsbad International School s.r.o.
Camp Carlsbad is the perfect opportunity for boys and girls aged 10 - 16 to share the English ambience with new friends from around the world and enjoy a wide variety of activities from July 3rd to August 7th, 2016.

Chateau Mcely s.r.o.

Summer Bank Holiday

3.7.2016 | Company: Chateau Mcely s.r.o.
If a dream vacation to the beach isn’t in the plans any time soon, we can offer you a wonderful Mcely-style alternative. After a rejuvenating spa experience, healthy gourmet dining, first-class service in the comfort of our chateau surrounded by nature, bike riding, jogging and exercising in the forest, tennis, yoga, and walks, you’ll feel relaxed, recharged with new energy, and inspired to make changes to achieve balance in your life.

The Prague British School

Summer Fun@PBS

8.8.2016 | Company: The Prague British School
Summer Fun@PBS provides a safe, fun and active environment in which children can develop new skills, self-esteem and friendships. You don’t have to be a PBS student to come to Summer Fun and it’s a great way to meet new friends and have fun in English.

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.

Financial Derivatives (in Czech)

20.9.2016 | Company: Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.
In this seminar we describe all key types of financial derivatives and explain their substance and correct use. Attendees are also informed about challenges connected with the use of financial derivatives. Basic financial knowledge is a prerequisite to attend this seminar. For that reason, attendees should be mainly managers from finance, risk management and treasury departments. There are two levels of difficulty of this seminar. Optional advanced seminars focus on pricing methods of financial derivatives with practical examples. The seminar is intended mainly for managers from financial department, risk management and treasury.

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.

Operational Risk (in Czech)

18.10.2016 | Company: Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.
Operational risk ranks among the most difficult risks to define and capture. Over the course of the seminar participants will receive an outline of methods for measuring operational risk and how to avoid it. Attendees will be presented with the methods used to mitigate operational risk as well as the pre-requisites of sound internal regulations. The seminar is based mainly on Basel II, which currently represents the standard in the area of risk management. The seminar is designed mainly for financial managers from both financial and non-financial institutions, risk managers and internal auditors.

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.

Stress Testing (in Czech)

9.11.2016 | Company: Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.
The seminar describes, in detail, ‘stress testing’ - one of the most advanced methods of risk measurement. The first part of the seminar is focused on the basic principles of stress testing and scenario development. A substantial part of the seminar is devoted to the principles of stress testing of individual financial risks - market, credit, operational and liquidity. Participants get acquainted with regulatory requirements - especially Basel II and the forthcoming Basel III requirements. The individual principles are then demonstrated by practical examples.

Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.

CRD IV: Basel III Implementation in the EU (in Czech)

10.11.2016 | Company: Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.
The objective of the seminar is to familiarize the participants with the new regulation of banks and financial institutions “CRD IV”, which introduces into the EU bank regulation new international standards called Basel III. The seminar addresses the main areas of CRD IV, which are: definition of capital, increase of capital requirements, leverage ratio, anti-cyclical policy and minimum liquidity requirements. The seminar is designed mainly for specialists from banks and other credit institutions, who are responsible for the implementation of CRD IV, compliance officers, lawyers and internal auditors.



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