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Raiffeisenbank a.s.

AmCham Plus Club - Matěj Kosturák

25.5.2016 | Company: Raiffeisenbank a.s.
Interview with Matěj Kosturák, Account Manager at Raiffeisenbank and new member of AmCham Plus Club.


AmCham Plus Club - Biljana Weber

18.5.2016 | Company: MICROSOFT, s.r.o.
Interview with Biljana Weber, General Manager of MICROSOFT and a new member of AmCham Plus Club.

Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa

A Philosophy Derived From Luxury And Refinement

17.5.2016 | Company: Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa
The Alchymist Luxury Group is playing a major role in hospitality, gastronomy and health and wellness in Prague. This is a company which refuses to rest on it’s laurels. We caught up with Andoni Dentici, General Manager of the Alchymist Luxury Group to discuss the present success and future plans.

CBRE s.r.o.

Interview with Richard Curran for ČSA Review

17.5.2016 | Company: CBRE s.r.o.
Richard Curran came to Prague more than two decades ago and experienced the city’s changes firsthand – both in his personal life and as a real estate professional. He joined CBRE in 2004 after working as a property manager for Healey & Baker. Since becoming Managing Director of CBRE, Richard has overseen the growth of the business from 40 people in 2008 to over 300 people in 2014 and CBRE is now recognised as the market-leading property consultancy business in the Czech Republic.

AmCham Plus Club - Václav Novotný

6.5.2016 | Company: Cordia Consulting s.r.o.
Interview with Václav Novotný, Managing Director of Cordia Consulting and a new member of AmCham Plus Club.

Marriott Hotels International B.V., organizační složka

AmCham Plus Club - William Boulton-Smith

4.5.2016 | Company: Marriott Hotels International B.V., organizační složka
Interview with William Boulton-Smith, General Manager of the Marriott Hotel Prague and a new member of AmCham Plus Club.

Delta Air Lines, Inc.

CEO Q&A: ‘Enormous amount of optimism for the future’

3.5.2016 | Company: Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Just days before formally assuming the reins as chief executive, Ed Bastian spoke to Delta News Hub about his transition, the state of the airline and his vision for the future.

Vienna House

Face to Face: Ola Gertner, HR Manager at Vienna House Amber Baltic Miedzyzdroje

27.4.2016 | Company: Vienna House
Born in Łódź, she lives in Międzyzdroje by choice and is a world citizen out of passion. Ola Gertner steps out of her comfort zone every day. She is also willing to take up new challenges, but always according to plan. At Vienna House Amber Baltic, she is a one-man band who cares about the interests of her colleagues, but also about the relationships between them. (And to think she wanted to become a dentist!) It sometimes requires taking unconventional measures, just like living in Międzyzdroje.


Maps: The Avid Collector Josef Kotrba, Office Managing Partner at Deloitte

19.4.2016 | Company: Deloitte
Few know that the office managing partner of Deloitte, Josef Kotrba, is besides being an excellent economist, also an avid map collector. How would he himself characterise a “collector“? Why did he decide to collect maps in particular and what does he find fascinating about them? What does he plan to do with his collection? His experiences and especially his feelings on these matters will be shared in the following video.

Delta Air Lines, Inc.

CFO: I've gotten more out of setbacks than successes

12.4.2016 | Company: Delta Air Lines, Inc.
When his initial career plan was shattered, Paul Jacobson charted a new path in the industry he loved.

Vienna House

Catching up with Cycle For Water – The other side of the world!

30.3.2016 | Company: Vienna House
Moving 80 km a day, Theo and Simon have been making the headlines across the world! They left from France, stopped by our hotels in Austria, Slovakia and Poland, endured an epic journey through freezing Russia, pushed on through Kazakhstan and became famous in India. We caught up with the Cycle for Water pair just after they had crossed the border from Myanmar to Thailand.

Vienna House

Face to Face – Mary Trebbin, Reception Manager at Vienna House Easy Landsberg

26.2.2016 | Company: Vienna House
Straightforward, sincere and down-to-earth – this is how Mary Trebbin, Reception Manager at Vienna House Easy Landsberg, meets guests and colleagues. Things are never boring at the reception, she says, and every day is different – which is why she loves her job. Find out more in this Face to Face Interview…

Vienna House

Face to Face: Martin Ykema, COO of Vienna House

23.2.2016 | Company: Vienna House
A passionate runner and golfer who loves going on long walks – especially at the different Vienna House destinations. As Chief Operating Officer, Martin Ykema is on the road a lot and can look back on an exciting, international career…

AVAST Software s.r.o.

5 minute chat with Kamila Štěpánková

28.1.2016 | Company: AVAST Software s.r.o.
Interview with Kamila Štěpánková, HR Director at Avast Software.

A.B. Reissfelder Executive Coaching

5 minute chat with Annette Reissfelder

8.1.2016 | Company: A.B. Reissfelder Executive Coaching
Interview with Annette Reissfelder - Professional Accredited Coach (CAKO 2006, re-certified in 2009 and 2013).

Vienna House

Face to Face: Susann Nötzold, Head of Finance at VI Hotels & Resorts

4.1.2016 | Company: Vienna House
A rebel mathematics student during the Peaceful Revolution in Leipzig, now Head of Finance at VI Hotels. She always keeps a cool head and is known throughout the Head Office for her hearty laugh. Today we introduce you to Susann Nötzold and her exciting career, which finally took her to Vienna…

Eating Prague Tours

5 minute chat with Lani Seelinger from Eating Prague Tours

15.12.2015 | Company: Eating Prague Tours
Thoughts from an American Czechophile and foodie.

Vienna House

Face to Face: Kathrin Gollubits, Head of HR at VI Hotels & Resorts

25.11.2015 | Company: Vienna House
A tourism professional through and through with a penchant for good food and the great outdoors: Kathrin Gollubits, Head of HR at VI Hotels, discovered her passion for hospitality at an early age. She has seen lots of kitchens “backstage” and got her hands greasy more than once. In our interview, she tells us more about her career steps, how she spends her free time, and where she likes to travel most.


5 minute chat with Tomáš Krýsl

Interview with Tomáš Krýsl, Partner, Expense Reduction Analysts.

Dallmayr Kaffee

5 minute chat with René Sion

11.11.2015 | Company: Dallmayr Kaffee
Interview with René Sion, General Manager of Dallmayr Kaffee.

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