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2018 Global Manufacturing Outlook

Company: KPMG Česká republika, s.r.o.

Our latest Global Manufacturing Outlook shows that there are many challenges in digitally transforming organizations. One of these is to be able to compete in the job market for data scientists. Two thirds of the manufacturing CEOs surveyed say data scientists will be the most needed type of worker for future growth. CEOs in other industries agree, so there is going to be a lot of competition for talent.

Still, most executives are confident that automation and robotics will create more jobs than they destroy, because there is a widely held belief that these tools will be most effective when they are used to augment human skills. Indeed, artificial intelligence, by common consent, is a crucial component in digital transformation. For all the expected advantages of artificial intelligence, CEOs perceive the biggest benefit over the next 3 years to be analytical enhancements, not cost savings.

Successful transformation is all about people. You need to invest in people and create an innovative mindset, involving training and enablement. These elements are more important than implementing the technologies. If people don’t get excited about transformation, it won’t be successful.” Erich L. Gampenrieder Global Head of Operations Advisory and Global Head of Operations Center of Excellence KPMG International

Machines augment workers
Advanced data analytics can improve decision making, drive new perspectives for business services and create new opportunities for revenue and growth.

About the 2018 Global Manufacturing Outlook report:
Digital technologies create tremendous opportunities for growth and transformation at manufacturers, but few have taken full advantage of them. In this 8th edition of the Global Manufacturing Outlook report, our findings from a survey of 300 CEOs and interviews with manufacturing industry executives and KPMG partners show there is no time to waste in building a comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

See the report here.

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