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3M Oral Care Introduces Next-Generation Clear Aligner System

Company: 3M Česko

3M™ Clarity™ Aligners Flex + Force allow orthodontists to fully customize treatment designs.

- Based on data, Clarity Aligners Flex + Force fit well and aren't noticeable when wearing.

- Provides the ability to customize treatment for simple to complex cases.

- Integrates seamlessly into 3M™ Oral Care Portal, enabling advanced treatment design for patients.


3M Oral Care has introduced Clarity Aligners Flex + Force: a new aligner system that empowers orthodontists to choose from two unique aligner materials in one treatment design and gives patients a customized treatment experience.

This next-generation aligner system elevates 3M's powerful portfolio of advanced digital solutions by offering Advanced Tx Design through the 3M Oral Care Portal, which provides treatment from simple to complex cases. 3M Clarity Aligners are also indicated for the alignment of teeth during orthodontic treatment of malocclusion and can be used to address patients with mixed dentition.  

Inspired by orthodontists, the new Clarity Aligners Flex material complements the existing Clarity Aligners Force material by incorporating desirable aligner characteristics that enable orthodontists to tailor treatment. Clarity Aligners Flex also delivers for patients, providing an aligner material that fits well and isn't noticeable when wearing.

"At 3M, we see Clarity Aligners Flex + Force as a delivery on our ongoing promise to provide innovative solutions to our customers," says Steve Vander Louw, president of 3M Oral Care. "3M is a science company and we're thrilled to be putting our science to work for customers."

3M™ Clarity Aligners Flex: innovation through 3M expertise and technology
Clarity Aligners Flex is made of a proprietary five-layer blend of materials, each chosen for their properties to deliver a synergistic effect greater than any single 3M material can achieve. 3M scientists developed Clarity Aligners Flex to provide:

  • Excellent force persistence
  • Stain and scratch resistance
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Good engagement with attachments
  • Outer layers resist staining and scratching
  • Inner layers provide flexibility and resilience
  • Overall structure provides durability while reducing thickness

Unlocking the power of a seamless integrated workflow
Clarity Aligners Flex + Force fits seamlessly into 3M's Oral Care Portal, giving orthodontists one integrated workflow for two-material Tx Designs. The Oral Care Portal, a cloud-based software solution for Advanced Tx Design, provides convenient access to one platform to plan and refine aligner, digital bonding or combination treatment.

"Advanced Tx Design in the Oral Care Portal allows orthodontists to plan aligner, bracket or combination treatment via a single digital experience," says Thomas Worm, global portfolio leader for 3M Oral Care. "Our goal in creating this integrated digital experience was to make it easier than ever to customize treatment and to support orthodontists in providing lifelong oral health for patients."

To learn more, visit 3M.com/ClarityAligners.



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