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5 signs that Easter is coming to the Czech Republic

Company: Amcham

Who doesn’t love spring, the proof that winter is gone? Everything is being reborn, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing… And what’s more: Easter is coming to town! What are the 5 signs of “Velikonoce” (as we Czechs call Easter) in the Czech Republic? Find out and celebrate Easter like a local this year!

Green is the colour…

Don’t be surprised that Czechs celebrate their “St. Patrick’s Day” on the Thursday before Easter. To feel more local, wear something green (don’t forget it at home!) and eat only green foods that day such as spinach, cabbage, salad, etc. Yummy! J Thankfully green cocktails also count! Try the Jazz bar at angelo by Vienna House Prague
Czechs shout “Open Sesame!” on Easter

Good Friday is a good day for finding treasure. According an ancient Czech legend, the rocks open at noon for good people who know the saying “Open Sesame”. But you should try it in Czech. After all, it is a local tale and you can’t be sure that the rocks speak English: “Sezame, otevři se!” If you pass all these “requirements”, the rocks will open and give you all their wealth and treasures. Deep in the woods of Carlsbad near Vienna House Dvořák Karlovy Vary, you will find plenty of rocks including the ones that were visited by Charles IV, the famous and rich King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. Perhaps he hid something there for future generations?

Long queues to get white eggs

Spring also means plenty of farmers’ markets with local products. Like the farmers’ market at Náplavka, a riverbank area with bars, restaurants and all sorts of events. Before Easter, long queues form at the stand selling white eggs because they are not so easy to get in the Czech Republic. White eggs are better for colouring and you can use them to make “kraslice”. Kraslice – the word means “beautiful” or “embellished” – are special hand-painted eggs.

The egg yolk and egg white are blown out from the eggs to get just the shell, which is then nicely decorated or painted like a piece of art. The insides of the eggs are used to bake “beránek”, special Czech Easter sweets.

Finding the perfect willow branch

Czechs also have some really weird traditions. Men visit their female relatives and friends to whip them with a special stick called a “pomlázka”. But first they have to go to the woods and nearby ponds to find the right willow tree and tear off its twigs to weave the “pomlázka” (a kind of wooden pole decorated with colourful ribbons). You could try Divoká Šárka, a natural park with a lake near Prague Airport and Vienna House Diplomat Prague.

On the morning of Easter Monday, the men set out to secure the happiness and youthful looks of their lady friends by gently whipping them with their pomlázka. The women are supposed to thank them by giving them painted Easter eggs. In the afternoon, the women can get their revenge by dousing the men with water. It’s a tradition.

The Easter Bunny brings gifts!

On the night from Easter Sunday to Easter Monday, the Easter Bunny comes and secretly brings sweets and new clothes to children. According to legend, the children have to wear the new clothes the following day or be “pooped on” by a little ram – and who wants to risk that? So rush to the shopping mall while you’re here. Try OC Nový Smíchov, just a few steps from andel’s by Vienna House Prague.
The Easter Bunny also brings you a gift of 20% off at angelo by Vienna House Pilsen. Have a refreshing sip of the world-famous Pilsen beer, brewed right across from the hotel. Relax and discover the old historic centre while enjoying the architecture of the city. Book here.

We wish you a Happy Easter and a pleasant stay. Because you deserve it more than anyone!

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