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AAA AUTO beats contenders from 32 states to become the second most highly-rated firm in Europe

Company: Aures Holdings

European Business Awards competition announces the best European company and AAA AUTO wins overall first place for the Czech Republic

The 10th European Business Awards (EBA) culminated yesterday evening at an awards ceremony in Dubrovník, where an expert jury and the wider public chose the most progressive European company. The biggest seller of used cars in Central Europe, AAA AUTO, had already beaten other successful Czech companies in February and has now been awarded 2nd place in Europe-wide voting during which 235,000 respondents gave their vote for their preferred national winner from a total of 34 European Countries.

AAA AUTO represented the Czech Republic after an expert jury sent the company into the competition for the public award in November last year as the winner of the national round. AAA AUTO received the most public votes in the Czech Republic on the basis of its video presentation, where it presented its business activities and successes over the last eighteen months. In the final round of the competition, nearly 245,000 people from around Europe voted, and the biggest used car seller was rated the second-best company of 2016/2017. “I am very honoured that we have become a part of this widely-recognised competition. It is proof that our customers appreciate the company’s approach and the results of our work. We have been on the market for 25 years now and we operate over 40 branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Over this period of time, we have served more than 1.9 million customers and we will welcome the 2 millionth customer in the Autumn,“ said managing director Karolína Topolová, who personally took receipt of both awards.

The AAA AUTO Company has undergone a major transformation in recent years, including transfer to the ownership of the international Abris Capital Partners investment fund. Over the last year and a half, AAA AUTO has increased sales by nearly ten per cent and consequently sells 70,000 cars a year. The group sold nearly 25,000 vehicles over the first three months of this year and it estimates it will sell nearly 80,000 cars during the year. “We also promote our growth by increasing the number of branches. We will open new branches in Poland this year, and we will also open the first new branches in 3 years in the Czech Republic. I would like to thank everyone who supported us in the European Business Awards – our partners, customers and the general public,“ Topolová added.

“Public voting gives companies an opportunity to show their success to a global public, as well as to current and potential partners and customers. We congratulate AAA AUTO on this excellent success,“ said Adrian Tripp, managing director of the European Business Awards competition, when welcoming the winner.

The competition was configured to celebrate and promote successful businesses and promote development of a stronger business community across Europe. RSM, an auditing and consultancy company for medium-sized companies worldwide, has supported the EBA Competition since it was established as the main sponsor. Other partners include ELITE and PR Newswire.

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