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Batch X: Automation, Blockchain, and the Future of Work

Company: Amcham

Applications open now!

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When StartupYard launched in 2011, the promise of AI to change the way that people work and live was a faint whisper. A rumor to most people. Today it’s a roar one cannot escape. That future is here now.

AI isn’t a toy or a dream any longer. It’s here, and it’s having measurable impacts in every aspect of life. That can be scary. It can also be exciting. We must face it either way.

Automation now sweeps through every industry, promising to disrupt every profession. It cannot be a coincidence that people inside and outside the tech startup community are turning to new visions, not just of technology, but of companies, organizations, governments, and the concepts of money, ownership, and privacy.

Blockchain comes hand-in-hand with automation because a secure, decentralized, “trustless” and irrevocable ledger of ownership, payment, and data is more important now than ever before. We have seen that in the hands of governments and private firms, our data and our money is increasingly out of our control, and even more worryingly, out of their control as well.

The Future of Work will be defined by these two central issues: how the nature of work is changing in the face of an automated world, and how we will fairly value, compensate, empower, and protect people in the face of these changes.

So we will be looking for startup founders who want to join us to face that future with an open mind. We want teams working on AI and blockchain applications that will build a fairer, more equitable, more empowered and more prosperous life for the future.



Startup Founders with a passion for technology, and the ambition to attack global problems are welcome to apply. Ideal StartupYard founders should be curious, hard working, humble, and eager to grow and learn.

We will consider applications in earlier phases of development, from just an idea to a launched product with early customers.

Applications involving AI, Cybersecurity, IoT, and Blockchain are preferred, however, StartupYard will consider any tech business with global potential, if it would richly benefit from our program.

The bulk of applications to StartupYard come from Central and Eastern Europe, however we have accepted teams from the UK, the US, and Western Europe as well. Applications are welcome from anywhere in the world, if the team would benefit from joining our program.

Teams should have a minimum of two founders, and be willing and able to join us in Prague for the duration of the program (September 2018 to November 2018).



3-Month Acceleration Program in the Heart of Europe with 150+ top industry mentors from global corporations, banks, telcos, and others.

€30,000 Seed Financing with the possibility of follow-on investment. €1m in program perks.

Tags: Business Development | Human Resources | IT | R&D |

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