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Brno Among the Most Talent Competitive Places in the World

Company: CTP Invest, spol. s r.o.

In 2017, Brno placed fourth in the top ten student cities in the world. As students and professionals look to put their talents to use, the city is climbing the list as a prime destination. Get ready—Brno’s got big plans.

According to the Global Talent Competitiveness Index Report—which evaluated 119 countries and 90 top cities—Brno is one of the most talent competitive places in the world. It’s no surprise; there are over 29,000 foreigners from over 150 countries living in Brno already, and about 52,000 students attend the 13 universities located in the city, like world-renowned Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology. Last year, the city climbed 14 places in the Best Student Cities index and placed fourth in the Student View category, which surveyed over 18,000 students regarding their experiences with culture, affordability, employment opportunities, and similar categories. Brno also received an impressive score in the Student Mix category—with a large student community and a strong percentage of international students—and a high score for affordability thanks to relatively low tuition fees and living costs. Add to this the city’s reputation as the Czech Silicon Valley, and this “big small city” is sure to remain in the spotlight.


The Benefit of Strategy

While a city often evolves naturally, fast progress requires a plan. As more and more people settle in Brno, the city has begun preparing an in-depth strategy: BRNO 2050, which sets goals to be met by the year 2050. The plan is being carefully crafted not only by experts, but also by all people who call Brno home. About 400,000 residents—and 150,000 people that travel to Brno for work or school—are all actively invited to help shape Brno’s future via frequent meetings across the entire city district. In addition, the city is working closely with politicians, companies, organizations, and universities to pinpoint what is beneficial, and what is lacking. 

Brno’s future central station—a railway station that will include a subway-like element—is currently one of the most exciting projects. The idea to move the current railway station to a new location emerged almost100 years ago, during a sudden increase of transport capacity. Although briefly revisited numerous times, the idea was deemed too difficult and was abandoned altogether. Until now. Brno’s municipal government recently voted to support the station’s “by the river” alternative, and the project is officially a go. The new station will include a brand new underground transport connection, which will connect the north of the city to the center and the south, and the current station will be replaced by a spacious park. Construction is expected to take about six years. Check out photos of the future ‘north-south track diameter’ here!


BRNO 2050 

What Is It, Exactly? 

BRNO 2050 began in 2017, when numerous experts and city planners created an outline of where Brno is headed, and how it will get there by the year 2050. All goals stem from a foundation of three basic pillars: 

1.    Quality of life 
This includes safety and affordability of housing, a healthy environment, high-quality education, a wide range of fulfilling and interesting employment, and the availability of basic services. 
2.    City governance
A strong city is governed with clarity and transparency, so that residents remain well-informed of all decisions. Government should work to benefit a city’s people, who have plenty of opportunities to be a part of the city’s decision-making. 
3.    Resources 
By utilizing resources efficiently, a city supports further growth and keeps the pace of daily life effortless and convenient to all. This category includes technical infrastructure, energy efficiency, and mobility. 

With the progressive approach of including all inhabitants of the city in the decision-making process, Brno is sure to continue thriving. 


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