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CPL Talent Insights - Benefits & Motivation

Company: CPL Jobs s.r.o.

In recent years employee benefits have been at the forefront employers’ minds. And while much has been written around
the advantages of offering extra employee benefits, little is known about what benefits will appeal to the various employee and candidate cohorts.

On the back of this information vacuum, many leading global companies’ battle to keep employees happy with increasingly
elaborate perks. So we in Cpl wanted to understand what employers can do in order to offer benefits that are of real
value to their people. In our CEE Benefits Survey we asked passive and active candidates living in Slovakia, Czech
Republic, Poland and Hungary; from all rungs of the career ladder, a series of questions around benefits. Over 5000
individuals took part.

The results of this survey are not shocking, but they are reassuring. Employees are rational and realistic about what
they want for the most part. A deep-rooted desire to add value and to receive fairness from their employers came across
in the results. A need for more and better communication between employers and employees is also evident.

This survey was conducted to shed light on what is being offered in terms of employee benefits in the CEE region. As
well as to uncover what should be offered. We hope you find this information insightful, thought provoking and enjoyable.

Cpl Jobs: Benefits in Czech Republic

Given the steady increase in the number of open roles in the Czech Republic; the perceived career “risk” associated with
changing employer has been greatly reduced. More and more passive candidates are eager to explore new opportunities with new companies. In order to avoid losing their best people employers need to understand what it is that drives employee happiness. Hence we have conducted this CEE wide Employee Benefits Survey to offer an insight into the
most effective means of attracting and retaining talent.

The survey results are fascinating. Particularly for those of us based in the Czech Republic where employee happiness is more important than ever before. So much more in fact that new trend we are seeing in the Czech Republic is the appointment of a “Chief happiness Officer” in many companies, particularly in IT companies.

Data generated from this survey shows that after salary; work environment and opportunities for professional development
are the most important criteria for candidates choosing an employer or moving to a new job in the Czech Republic. Conversely, reasons why employees leave include issues such as poor management and particularly; a perceived lack
of opportunities for career growth. Employees working in the IT space tend to move towards employers offering candidates the chance to take part in more interesting projects.

Worker mobility in the Czech Republic is highest among Millennials (generation Y) and in terms of career level, it is Managers who are most willing to relocate for a new role. Our results show that the circumstances under which employees are most willing to relocate to another city or country includes professional experience opportunities. Relocation packages
are helpful in smoothing the transition and thus they serve to encourage greater levels of worker mobility. According to our respondents, Employer Brands that stand out most are those offering a good work-life balance as they
send out the message that they are genuinely interested in taking care of their employees.

Benefits most frequently offered by employers in the Czech Republic include 5 weeks paid annual leave, paid sick leave
and meal vouchers. Benefits most frequently sought by employees in the Czech Republic are often family orientated. Candidates look for employers who offer Child Care Facilities, Flexible Working Hours and Emergency Leave. Younger candidates look for Travel Opportunities, longer Holidays and Opportunities to Work from another Country. Personal and Career development opportunities are an important factor for individuals from all generations and often candidates are drawn towards employers who offer access to courses, certifications and training that will enhance their existing skills

This piece offers a snapshot of what employees in the Czech Republic and the wider CEE region currently look for when they are choosing an employer. Enabling employers to overcome the labour force challenges that are rife in the region, the survey results are summarised for efficiency and presented in a manner that is both engaging and informative.

More information in the attached Benefits Survey.

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