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CTP Builds 400 m2 Extention of Municipal Kindegarten in Voderady

Company: CTP Invest, spol. s r.o.

Total Investment Exceeds EUR 200 Thousand.
The international developer CTP and the Mayor of Voderady, Pavol Augustín signed a Treaty of cooperation in which the CTP undertakes to extend the current  municipal kindergarten in Voderady by almost 400 m2. The capacity of the nursery will be increased, accommodating an additional 25 children, which will also contribute to the creation of several new jobs. 

CTP, which owns and operates the nearby CTPark Voderady, considered its investment as a natural and logical step. The agreement with the village reflects the current, higher birth rate and limited space in the existing kindergarten. The new kindergarten will help address an acute capacity problem for placing preschool children. An essential part of the project is the completely new pavilion, which was designed in collaboration with the design firm Helika Obermeyer, and designed by architect Peter Čeman. 

"The project was established after extensive discussions in which we identified municipal priorities for the coming years. We are very happy that CTP decided to help our community in this way. The enhanced capacity of the nursery school is a necessity, and we are pleased to contribute to the further development of the village, and  the needs of young families. CTP is a commercial developer which employs top professionals and experts, and cares about the human and social dimensions of development, as well as cooperation with local communities. For this,  I express warm thanks on behalf of all the citizens of the Voderady," says Pavol Augustín. 

The authors design is an entirely new approach—a large nursery project, with glass walls and facades, providing excellent lighting in the rooms. The Interior will be equipped by a furniture wall that will become the functional part: it will serve as a space to play, and at the same time as the wall separating “day” and “night” areas of the interior. The new kindergarten will be equipped in a modern and generous way, and include interactive tools such as whiteboards and sound systems. 

"In CTP, we very much care about the development and support the local communities in which we operate. We always strive to become a natural partner to these communities. We are very pleased that in Voderady we had the opportunity—in addition to creating new jobs in our CTPark—to help the development of the village itself. The capacity of the nursery reflects the increase in the population, and we are pleased that the new kindergarten and pavilion will soon be greeted by its small temporary residents," says Stanislav Pagáč, Regional Director of CTP.

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