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CTP builds new Raben Logistics Czech headquarters with modern warehouses and a parking garage at CTPark Prague East

Company: CTP Invest, spol. s r.o.

Today at CTPark Prague East in Nupaky u Prahy, completely new headquarters facilities and modern warehouses, including cross-docks and a parking garage, were handed over to the successful international company Raben Logistics Czech.

CTP has handed the keys of the new headquarters in Nupaky u Prahy to the international logistics chain of the successful firm Raben Logistics Czech. The company, which this year is celebrating its tenth anniversary on the Czech and Slovak markets, will manage its operations in this area from offices covering more than 600 m2. The headquarters are situated in a strategic location at CTPark Prague East, which features a direct connection to the D1 motorway and is only 30 minutes from the Prague airport. In addition to this outstanding location, the area also offers filling stations, a repair and washing facility for freight vehicles, restaurants and a newly constructed bus stop in the complex with a direct connection to Prague. Employees, visitors and suppliers arriving by car will have access to a 4,830 mparking garage.

Modern warehouses covering more than 26,000 moffer storage at temperatures ranging from 2° to 6°C and from 16° to 18°C, which is suitable especially for shipping food products. The warehouses are equipped with economical LED lighting, an intelligent HVAC system and a sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA norms. These premises are connected to a freestanding cross-dock, i.e. an intermediate storage facility of more than 5,000 m2, where goods are unloaded, inspected, sorted and reloaded for further distribution to end-customers and buyers. This solution will bring financial savings, accelerate the logistics process and contribute to ensuring the quality of delivered goods.

“We are celebrating our tenth anniversary in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and we therefore want our new headquarters to be a gift for everyone – our clients, partners and employees, as well as the local community. We truly want to be good neighbours,” explains Jakub Trnka.

CTP also has the goal of being a good neighbour for the surrounding towns and communities where it owns and builds industrial parks. In addition to special tailored solutions for the customer, it has also planted 500 trees and 8,000 bushes in the area and, instead of a standard noise barrier, built a natural embankment that local residents can use as a sledding course for children. A meandering stream where residents can relax in summer is also available to the public.

Thanks to the experienced internal team of engineers and designers and to good cooperation with the customer, construction took less than a year. “I greatly appreciate the trust that Raben has expressed by choosing CTP as a partner for its further growth. CTPark Prague East has a strategic location and, thanks to the perfect transport connections to the airport (35 km), Dresden (170 km) and Brno (187 km), Raben is getting a very high-quality built-to-suit solution and the benefit of rapid transport services, which play an important role for logistics companies,” says Remon Vos, CEO of CTP.

“Cooperation on such a demanding project requires the full involvement of professionals and good communication on the part of suppliers and of the customer. Therefore, I highly value Raben’s team, which together with us and dozens of other people and suppliers helped to ensure the handover of a professional built-to-suit solution in only eight months. All of our suppliers also deserve thanks,” adds Zdeněk Apeltauer, regional manager responsible for the project.

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