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Elastic Digital Workplace brings productivity in uncertain times

Company: ACCENTURE CENTRAL EUROPE B.V., organizační složka

Recently relased Accenture POV help and companies build upon core workplace experience and create a highly extensible environment that allows them to quickly scale, and dynamically adapt to changing business needs based on global and local conditions.

Elastic Digital Workplace brings productivity in uncertain times

COVID-19 is a humanitarian and societal crisis of unprecedented speed and scale. It has both immediate and long-lasting implications for how people work and participate in society.

„The top priority is to protect the health and safety of people, including in their workplaces. Leaders must make rapid, highly-informed decisions, and take immediate actions to protect and support their people and ensure that critical business operations continue in order to help societal continuity,“ says Václav Urban, senior manager responsible for the Microsoft division in Accenture Czech Republic.

From a technology perspective, COVID is consolidating 10 years of digital transformation efforts into six months. It is—and will continue to—accelerate cloud migration and hyper automation.

  • Cloud can make companies resilient in the short term by navigating through extreme surges or drops in demand. It includes managing infrastructure risk and mitigating dependency on people to maintain datacenters, deploying instant innovation and aligning technology costs to rapid fluctuations in business demand.
  • Hyper automation accelerates a company’s existing automation investments to make systems more resilient. It does so by eliminating application and infrastructure bottlenecks and freeing up human resources to focus on higher priority issues. During a pandemic, automation can also help track the location, safety and productivity of all resources as part of an overall business continuity plan.

How to Manage Now

With COVID-19, the time to act is now. Deferred decisions and delayed actions have immediate and longer-term business continuity impacts. To minimize business disruption and protect employees, organizations must take steps now – starting within the next 24 hours – to start creating an Elastic Digital Workplace. Accenture’s Elastic Digital Workplace solution enables a highly extendable workplace environment that allows you to quickly scale and dynamically adapt to changing business needs based on global and local conditions.

„An important first step for many companies is to enable remote workers at scale. Each company, industry and region will have different needs and requirements for workplace and people management, customer service, data management, and business continuity,“ says Václav Urban from Accenture Czech Republic.

But there are three major principles that all organizations should consider:


Protect and empower your people

Adjust the workplace to enable people to work remotely through digital collaboration tools. Build the necessary skills around these new ways of working.

Serve customers’ core needs

Adapt to changing global and local conditions by serving customers’ core needs, including being transparent in your operations and compassionate in your engagements.

Establish business continuity

Ensure supplier relationships and B2B processes are effectively supported. Develop new business processes to adapt to new ways of collaborating and decision-making.


Elastic Digital Workplace roadmap identifies six dimensions which have proven effective in quickly transitioning to enable a remote workplace environment

Culture and Adoption

Provide technology and environment guidelines for enabling effective remote working and activate communications plan to provide guidance both internally and externally.

Elastic Collaboration

Rapidly deploy collaboration tools across the organization and build bridges with customers, partners and suppliers.

Virtual Work Environment

Evaluate networks, accelerate device deployment, and leverage virtual environments to support increased mobile demand.

Seamless Networking

Enable reliable and secure remote network connectivity to employees’ homes and seamless integration with customers and partners.

Distributed Continuity

Enhance business continuity plans to include reduction in workforce, travel restrictions and large scale remote working environments.

Adaptive Security

Leverage exception-based processes, expand zero trust network access approach, and automate with endpoint management detection and response.




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