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Eliáš,K.: Marketing Communication competencies and training options

Company: Vysoká škola finanční a správní, a.s. / University of Finance and Administration

The competent marketing professionals and skilled specialist (especially data analyst )  are always ( today more than ever) on high demand. Combination of hands on approach and strong theoretical background  including the ability to work under the time pressure is needed. Apart from that GDPR implementation has brought  into the end-to-end marketing communication process not only number of new challenges( for ex. for Direct Marketing) , but  new level of complexity as well. The solution exist –to study at the University of Finance and Administration.. The masters‘ study of Marketing communication aims at preparing highly qualified specialists ready to take leading managerial posts especially in marketing, communication, promotional and PR departments of companies and specialized agencies  and also ready to act effectively within new business models and the fast changing technological environment too.

The theoretical basis of the study concentrates on an interdisciplinary knowledge of social, cultural, economic and political processes and changes in the context of global, transnational (multicultural) and the latest modern society. As for the area of professional specialization and subject orientation, the study focuses on mastering the latest knowledge of tools, strategies and methods applied in the integrated marketing communication, media and managerial practice of enterprises and companies.Appropriate attention is being given also to Ethics and customers´data privacy  (GDPR) issues on the the platform of Customer Relationship Management. (datamining,etc.)

A graduate will obtain, apart from theoretical knowledge and professional skills, also practical abilities to take optimal decisions and specific measures in the marketing area of manufacturing and business companies and other institutions, which, in order to achieve their goals, use marketing communication procedures (preparation and creation of communication strategies, marketing campaigns, selection of media to create marketing mixture and so on). A graduate will be prepared for working in or leading a team, he/she will be ready to prepare projects of strategic decisions and will be able to work with information and with modern information tools.

Focus is on:

Global marketing
Integrated marketing communication
Marketing management of a company
Customer Relationship Maganement
Intercultural marketing and communication
Sociological theory of a modern society
Law and ethics in communication
Psychology of Consumer  behavior

Consequently all master’s graduates of Marketing communication will be prepared to work on managerial posts and will be able to take leading roles after some more practical experience. The team of lecturers of VSFS also aims at preparing students to be professionally flexible in the area of commercial communication, communication of state administration bodies, non-profit organizations, in the area of social, political marketing and so on. Our graduates may find posts also as managers of marketing communications, in the role of spokesmen, employees of communication agencies, in the area of non-profit organizations, state administration bodies and authoritites. Our students are prepared for a variety of communication roles, especially of middle and high managerial posts of wide range of professions .

Notwithstanding they can  may contribute also  to the further development of family owned SMEs with broader view on new business opportunities while still keeping high level of business integrity and maintaining GDPR requirements..

For further information pls.see :www.vsfs.cz


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