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Financial literacy: ČSOB for the schools

Company: Amcham

As part of the Financial Literacy Project ČSOB for the schools, we offer practical supplemental teaching of financial
literacy at elementary and secondary schools. Our intention is to diversify the standard teaching of financial
literacy in the form of an interactive and entertaining lecture at a pre-arranged scale and according to the
individual needs of individual primary and secondary schools.

Why do we teach financial literacy?
In CSOB, we are convinced that a higher level of financial literacy and education not only enriches the lives of individuals but also contributes to healthy economic growth in society. Consumers with good financial knowledge and healthy personal finances contribute to increasing competition, innovation and product quality in the financial markets by requiring better and more efficient products and solutions. The situation in the Czech Republic is not satisfactory and therefore we are trying to support financial literacy through locally based activities in the areas where we operate. The aim of the Financial Literacy Program is to prevent the "threat" of low financial literacy of the population and to support the development of financial literacy in children, schools and communities.

Who is accompanying us during teaching? ... well, Filip
Filip lives in today's world. He knows the money is not growing out of the tree. They have to get some way to make important things for them. Filip knows, that he will not rob the bank or rely on winning the lottery. Filip is our mascot.

What is our target group?
Primary pupils of primary schools and students of secondary schools who are taught financial literacy within standard curricula. Secondary, we offer the opportunity to add information and extend the education to teachers who teach the subject of financial literacy within the framework of the standard curriculum.

How do we do that?
We implement practical supplementary education in primary and secondary schools in connection with the Framework Education Program for Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. We have these basic areas:
 Money
 Household Economy
 Financial Products
 Consumer and law
Scope of instruction is agreed with the school, usually 2 lessons per class. Then we also make practical workshops.
Teaching is fun, not theoretical, and interactive. Usually, teaching is done directly by bank representatives from the region, from branches, but we can also cover them centrally. We have a great interest in both teachers and directors, as well as children. School education does not cost anything. We do not sell CSOB, but the idea of higher education. The school received the mini-script, as well as a questionnaire on the subject, which the school can use at your discretion. Implementation of the teaching takes place according to the technical possibilities of the school. We adapt our lecture to the specific possibilities and technical equipment of the school (projector, classroom audio, etc.).

In support of teaching financial literacy, we also offer other actual topics, where the lecture can focus on interest.

These topics are, for example:
 Cybernetic security
 Responsible Debt
 Functions and activities of the supervisory authorities (ČNB, Finanční arbitr ČR, ČOI atd.)
 Consumer Rights, Complaint Process
 Modern payment methods
 Others according to agreement

How to contact us?
Just write to the email address of the project FinancniGramotnost@csob.cz
We will be happy to hear from you and we will be happy to introduce you to the possibilities of participating in
the project.
We look forward to you and your children!

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