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Gas-powered hatchbacks with 70 kW engine hold on to first place as most popular pre-owned car

Company: Aures Holdings

Silver-colored gas hatchbacks with a 69 kW engine retained their first place from 2015 and became the most popular pre-owned car for last year. It has been a long time since a vehicle with a body other than a station wagon has won twice in a row. Cars with manual transmission and two-wheel drive were predominant. This is the result of a yearly analysis of the specifications of the AAA AUTO Index’s most popular pre-owned cars. AAA AUTO sold almost 69,000 cars in 2016 and it is about 9 % more than the year before.

After a long period in which station wagons with stronger performance prevailed, Czech pre-owned car buyers have, for the second time in a row, picked a smaller and more economical car as their favorite. The new trend is confirmed by a comparison of last year’s statistics with this year’s. Vehicles with a hatchback body (two-compartment vehicles with a slanted back section of the body and a vertical or merging rear) were purchased by 33.7% of consumers in 2016. The station wagon, which improved slightly (1.5%) year-on-year, was purchased in 29.1% of cases.

“The new trend is for vehicles with lower performance. While in previous years, more powerful vehicles prevailed, Czech drivers continue to prefer vehicles with lower performance. This is confirmed by the strong showing of vehicles with a 69 kW engine,” says AAA AUTO’s CEO, Karolína Topolová. Last year, these automobiles were selected by a third of Czech consumers (33.5%). They were followed fairly closely by cars with engines of 70-85 kW (30.6%) in second place. And in third place are vehicles with engines of 101-125 kW (17.4%).

The more sought-after fuel is gasoline, just as in 2015 (53%); in contrast, only 46.8% of consumers prefer vehicles powered by diesel. Likewise, manual transmissions are still far more popular, accounting for 87.1% of sales. The most popular automobiles were mid-aged (6-10 years old) with a detailed, documented repair history. Vehicles with two-wheel drive are also far more popular, being selected by up to 88.5% of drivers.

The table of top brands registered only minor changes. First place is firmly held by the domestic Škoda (27.7%). The second-placed VW (10.1%) and third-placed Ford (9.6%) improved slightly. Renault was in fourth place (6.4%). Peugeot, which was in fifth place last year, was replaced by Hyundai (6.3%).

The most sought-after models also follow the popularity of the factory brands. The Škoda Octavia (10.7%) and the Škoda Fabia (10.6%) were the most popular. In third place is the VW Passat (3.9%), while the Ford Focus earned fourth place (3.1%). The top 5 individual models were rounded out by the Ford Mondeo (2.5%).

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