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How to balance work and your Master’s or MBA program

Company: University of New York in Prague, s.r.o.

Did you decide to give your career a boost and go back to university for graduate studies or an MBA? Or maybe you just finished your Bachelor’s degree and are continuing your studies, but also see the importance of getting more work experience for your CV? Whatever path you chose, now your university courses have started, you have papers due, exams to study for, and a full or part-time job to juggle. How can you manage to get everything done? Many people find themselves in this situation when continuing with their education. Here are our ways to help you manage your university and professional lives.

Boost your efficiency
The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re organized. Once you’re balancing work and university, it’s easy to get important dates, meetings and deadlines confused. Download a calendar app that can sync with all your accounts so you can access your schedule at work and at home. There’s so many reminder and list making apps, if you find those helpful for keeping track of all your work. Find the best system that works for you, and stick to it to help manage all your duties.

Schedule your time wisely
Once you’re in university classrooms as well as the office, you quickly realize that time is your most valuable possession. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with all the academic papers you have to read, and emails you need to catch up on. Scheduling blocks of time every week for certain tasks can help make mountains of work feel more manageable. If Mondays are the best days for you to study, always put aside a few hours where you can study without distractions or stopping. Don’t forget to make time for friends! Spending time with friends can help alleviate stress, so scheduling time for fun is also important.

Ask about flexibility
Once you are pursuing a Master’s degree or an MBA, you’ll find many universities are very understanding when it comes to their students’ schedules. Since many graduate students are working while they are going to school, professors and advisors can accommodate certain situations if they have advance notice. Once you start your classes, let your professor know in advance if you have an important business meeting you can’t miss.

The same is true for your workplace. When it comes to time management, having a flexible work schedule can save you during exam time. Ask your boss about flexibility when it comes to your studies. Since continuing your education is generally regarded as a good thing, many professionals will see the value and allow flexibility in order for you to succeed.

Stay healthy
It’s so easy to survive on junk food and coffee when you’re back in school. Afterall, when you’re reading hundreds of pages about social theory, who has time to cook? Studies show that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not only help relieve stress, but also boost your grades. So make sure you’re getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, eating nutritious meals and limiting the amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume. Remember, a healthy mind is a big factor in professional and academic success!

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