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Improving competitiveness of the Czech Republic through better education of young generation

Company: Amcham

Why is it essential that businesses work with young talents already in kindergarten and primary schools? Businesses are drivers of societal change, often long before politicians and governments, and the successful ones always start with education at the earliest stage. Why do businesses do it, what do they have out of it and how is it linked to their corporate strategy? 

These and many other questions were answered during the event organised by AmCham Finance Committee on May 23. Five panelists - representatives of AmCham member companies - talked about projects into which is their company investing money and time.

Summery of individual projects:

Avast Software

Buď safe online

Avast has joined forces with the most popular Czech YouTuber, Jirka Kral, in a long-term project aimed at kids' online security education: Buď safe online. In fact, on Friday March 24, we launched a pilot in Brno with the first school. Jirka was joined by our online security expert, Julia Szymańská to give a lecture to 150 kids. The plan is to visit at least one school per month, hitting every region in Czech Republic. In addition, a project microsite focused primarily on kids will provide all the information through educational videos, but also will include resources for parents and teachers.

Petra Tošnarová, Director, Marketing Communications, Avast Software

+420 603 415 102, email: tosnarova@avast.com, www.avast.com


Financial Literacy - ČSOB for schools project

One of the pillars within the ČSOB CSR strategy is improving the financial literacy level in our society. Since 2016, ČSOB has implemented the Financial Literacy project “ČSOB for schools”. In the initial stage of the project, we intend to focus on teaching financial literacy at primary and secondary schools in the form of an interactive, entertaining lecture within a pre-agreed scope and based on individual schools’ needs. Our teaching materials were created according to the standard of teaching for primary and secondary education and complement the common curriculum. Additional we provide the workshop, mostly oriented to the household budgeting and family finance. In the future, we plan to extend the program towards other target groups in the society where we operate as a bank (e.g. the elderly). ČSOB employees themselves act as financial education lecturers, what makes our project unique on the market and reinforces employee activity and loyalty.

We have currently the group of more than 160 financial literacy ambassadors and dozens of cooperated schools. We have own brand identity (Filip figure) and we intensive communicate internally about the project and results (intranet, newsletters, conferences etc.). We also financially support selected schools and enable the development of learning opportunities. We receive positive feedback from the students and their teachers.

For ČSOB is CSR one of the fundamental pillars of corporate philosophy in the long term, a part of the company’s business and everyday lives of its people.  Therefore, we not only support projects of social responsibility, we get involved in them on a voluntary basis. The ČSOB Financial Literacy for schools project constitutes one of the four ČSOB social responsibility and sustainability pillars.

František Klufa, Výkonný manažer B-2 Péče o klienty a pobočky, Československá obchodní banka,+420 606 733 732, e-mail: fklufa@csob.cz, http://www.csob.cz/


ASET – Adopt a school

Local customs, traditions and mores differ from place to place and this must be recognized. But honesty is not subject to criticism in any culture.

Shades of dishonesty simply invite demoralizing and reprehensible judgments. A well-funded reputation for scrupulous dealing is itself a priceless corporate asset (Ethics Policy, Standard of Business Conduct ExxonMobil).For that reason, ExxonMobil chose to support ASET (Adopt a School for Ethics and Trust) an organization whose main goal is to instill ethical behavior in the younger generation.
ExxonMobil first partnered with ASET in 2013 when “we adopted” Zakladni Škola U Roháčových kasáren (Prague 10), by providing financial support to help train 29 teachers and almost 400 children in Ethics – a subject that is currently not part of the standard Czech Curriculum.

Five years down the road, we have adopted another 4 schools, helped trained another 43 teachers who reached out to over 1270 students.

We are looking forward to continue our cooperation with ASET in the future because we believe ethical behaviour is equally important in the workplace as it is in our personal lives.

Dagmar Cisarovska, Communications Manager, ExxonMobil Business Support Center Czechia, +420 724 749 395, email: dagmar.cisarovska@exxonmobil.com, www.exxonmobil.cz

Ztiší Group:

Little Chefs

Ensuring children have access to good, nutritious food is vital to helping them grow up to be healthy and happy. Without proper nutrition, children are at risk of becoming either overweight or obese, or suffering from undernutrition, which impacts their health, growth and development and puts them at increased risk of disease. Understanding food and nutrition and the dual role they play as part of a healthy lifestyle is essential.

Cooking is a vital life skill. Knowing how to cook from scratch empowers people to appreciate the value of food, to understand what they are putting in their bodies and, therefore, to nourish themselves and their families with fresh, nutritious food.

Good food education enables people everywhere to develop a better, more understanding and balanced relationship with food, in turn empowering them to make responsible, healthy, sustainable food choices, for life. With better food education, people can make better choices with what is available to them, wherever they are in the world.

Renata Lukášová, Director of Fresh & Tasty, ZÁTIŠÍ CATERING GROUP

+420 774-196-511, e-mail: renata.lukasova@zatisigroup.cz



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