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Keeping the Supply Chain Love Alive

Company: ModusLink Czech Republic s.r.o.

Valentine’s Day, beyond being an occasion to indulge, adore and sugar load, presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on relationships. Brands have countless relationships to manage, within their business and even across their channels, though when it comes to keeping things up and running, it may be most important to review the relationship to they have with their supply chain partners.

In today’s digital age, the supply chain is more complex than ever — with customer expectations for convenience soaring with e-commerce — and brands’ success is even more contingent on managing the supply chain, and those demands, successfully. Rather than romanticizing the stress of juggling manufacturers, warehouse managers and more, brands can turn to supply chain partners to relieve some of their workload. To make sure this relationship thrives, brands can keep a few things in mind when evaluating partnerships — the first being to remember that while any relationship takes work, the best ones can feel effortless.

Flexibility to meet changing needs

Just as it’s important to appreciate a partner’s needs one’s personal life, a supply chain partner must understand what a brand needs to get ahead in the market. And in today’s digitally-driven, non-stop commerce, that’s always changing. The best of breed supply chain partner is equipped to handle this, offering solutions to help brands remain flexible when deciding to make a change. Global expansion, for example, can call for establishing an international network or adjusting e-commerce platforms to accept foreign payment options. A supply chain partner like ModusLink already offers a Financial Management Services solution and occupies 21 locations worldwide, so companies can tap into a ready-to-go pool of resources. Having the right tools in place enable supply chain partners to stay one step ahead of brands, so when strategy does change, execution won’t require a second thought.

Ability to innovate

The best relationships should bring out the best in each partner, meaning brands shouldn’t be alone in looking to improve their supply chain. Top-tier supply chain partners make it a priority to play at the forefront of innovation by keeping their fingers on the pulse of new solutions and capabilities, such as IoT or artificial intelligence (AI), and being proactive in introducing them to existing customers’ operations. By continually enhancing services to ensure that they offer the best, most contemporary technology out there — whether it’s a platform to help manage and leverage IoT data, or an AI algorithm to improve forward logistics — supply chain solutions providers can also become better companies by striving to be better partners.

Providing excellent customer service

Being a good partner is all about listening and understanding. The best supply chain partners are invested in understanding what brands are looking for and want to provide the best possible experience by delivering excellent customer service across the supply chain. This comes not only from strong communication within the partnership but also from above-and-beyond offerings such as contact center solutions, multi-prong reverse logistics strategy and a comprehensive approach to e-commerce experiences that keep consumers feeling happy and heard. This Valentine’s day, brands should think about the partnerships that matter most to them and their business. A supply chain partner that is agile, invested and capable with not only elevate a company’s supply chain but also work side by side with brands to propel business forward like a true power couple. A world-class supply chain partner will be equally as devoted as the brand itself in making sure their customers are feeling the love.

To learn more about how ModusLink can fuel the beginning of a beautiful partnership, visit our solutions page. For more information on our partner program, download this brochure.


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