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Knowing your DNA will help you improve your health, performance and appearance

Company: Amcham

Most of us try to look our best and we use nutrition to improve our health, performance and appearance. However, how is it possible that someone benefits really well when changing their lifestyle habits, losing fat and improving their fitness? And someone else who uses the same - scientifically proven recommendations - is not that effective or is getting very slow results, which kills his/her motivation? The answer to this may be hidden in our DNA.

What can you learn from a DNA genetic test?

By analyzing over 75 genetic markers, you can get a unique insight into your own body in areas such as food reaction, nutritional needs, sport and exercising, body weight, diet and metabolism.

Generally speaking, this information is very important for everybody, but in particularly for people that either want to live healthier, improve their sports performance or lose weight. By analyzing more than 75 genes, you can learn what is the best food intake combination of proteins, fat and carbohydrates. This combination is called your genetically appropriate diet, which includes 4 different meal plans: Low Carb, Low Fat, Balanced and Mediterranean. Other results help the doctor interpreting the results to understand occasions during which people eat too much food before their brain receives the instruction to stop eating. This may be caused by the risk alle of the FTO gene, which is responsible for signaling this instruction to the brain.  This is just one practical example of many other benefits that anyone can benefit from knowing more information about how his/her body works.

Moreover, information on the area of sport and exercising is greatly welcomed, since it provides an extra motivation for being active in any sport or physical activity of your preference. Our clients learn more about their predisposition to aerobic capacity, muscle power, endurance versus strength training, HLD cholesterol response to exercise, among other interesting available results. One positive aspect referred by our clients is the power of personal genetics to make positive, long lasting changes in order to reach their optimal lifestyle and wellbeing.

When comparing results of clients who know their genotypes with those who have not undergone the testing, the difference is in success of achieving their goals. Clients that know their genotype don’t feel their new lifestyle is a diet, they do not crave for specific food or experience changes in energy levels.

Our genes will not change, but we can influence their expression by introducing the right changes to our lifestyle.


Author: MUDr Vaclava Kunova, Chief Scientific Office, ValensGen

Tags: Health |

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