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KPMG and Eurasia Group join forces on geopolitics

Company: KPMG Česká republika, s.r.o.

KPMG International has teamed up with Eurasia Group, one of the world’s leading geopolitical risk outfits, to develop solutions that help businesses deal with geopolitical challenges in a topsy-turvy world.

Geopolitical risk is at the top of boardroom agendas, with the KPMG CEO Outlook 2017 reporting that three in four CEOs are spending much more time on scenario planning to plot a course through today’s shifting climate. In the face of an increasingly volatile, unpredictable and disruptive geopolitical environment, CEOs are questioning how a changing global political order will influence their operations and what they need to do next.

To better equip businesses for these challenges, and manage these changes, KPMG International and Eurasia Group have joined forces. By combining our political and business analytical capabilities, we can identify the ‘now what’ of geopolitics for our clients’ business. 

 “It’s an incredible opportunity for our teams to work together to help clients around the world become much more armed, much more equipped to deal with the geopolitical environment based on this joint alliance“, says Bill Thomas, Chairman of KPMG International.

he how and the what

KPMG and Eurasia Group can combine political and business analytical skills in one to provide unique insights on how geopolitics is impacting business. Jointly we go deep into the politics of an issue or region, analyze macro geopolitical trends, or indeed start from a specific business question our clients might have – this isn’t interesting ‘political musings’, it goes right down to the ‘now what’ for business – and help our clients understand how to make strong strategic choices in the midst of uncertainty.

“I've been in this business for 20 years and have never seen a geopolitical environment that's been this volatile. While corporates understand that these changes are coming, they don't really know how to hedge against them, how to address them, how to invest into them”, says Ian Bremmer, President & Founder of Eurasia Group.

About Eurasia Group

Eurasia Group is one of the world’s leading global political risk research and consulting firm. By providing information and insight on how political developments move markets, they help clients anticipate and respond to instability and opportunities everywhere they invest or do business. Their expertise includes developed and developing countries in every region of the world, specific economic sectors, and the business and investment playing fields of the future. Headquartered in New York, Eurasia Group has offices in Washington DC, London, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Tokyo, as well as on-the-ground experts and resources in more than a hundred countries. "Politics first” grounds their work and politics is the lens through which Eurasia Group’s global team view the world - committed to analysis that is free of political bias and the influence of private interests.


Watch this video to get Bill Thomas and Ian Bremmer's perspectives on how companies can get tailored advice in areas such as scenario planning, due diligence and risk management.

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