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Machine Learning at SAP: The Possibilities Are Endless

Company: Amcham

SAP Innovation Center Network is making machine learning solutions smarter to help companies solve an endless variety of business problems across departments from retail to HR.

You’re familiar with self-driving cars. Well, SAP engineers self-driving enterprises.
How is the company doing that? How do its solutions become intelligent through machine learning? And which use cases are suitable?

“We’ll never run out of ideas for compelling machine learning use cases,” says Daniel Dahlmeier, the Singapore-based machine learning expert.

At the SAP Innovation Center Network location in Singapore, Dahlmeier leads a team that works on machine learning solutions for sales and service. One of these is SAP Service Ticket Intelligence, which automatically categorizes customer service tickets, routes them to the right agent, and provides the agent with recommendations for solving the issue at hand. The more tickets the solution processes and the more user feedback it receives, the more efficient it becomes. In short, it learns as it goes along.

“It’s in processing this unstructured data in customer tickets that the strengths of machine learning really come into their own,” explains Dahlmeier. “Thanks to built-in machine learning algorithms, the model understands the semantics of the tickets, is able to recognize similarities, and improves over time. That’s just not possible with conventional programming.”

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What Can Your Data Do for You?

Member of the SAP Executive Board Bernd Leukert explores how companies can tackle the challenges of Big Data and why a common, harmonized data source across your entire digital landscape is the key to unlocking huge business value.

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Why Machine Learning and Other Emerging Technologies Aren't Out of Reach for SMBs

Digital innovations are creating an environment of disruptive innovation that are bridging the gaps of unfulfilled customer demand. But what about small and midsize businesses (SMBs)? Does it even make sense to spend already limited resources to take advantage of these same technologies?

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Make Better Decisions with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Empower your business to run ahead with SAP S/4HANA Cloud – the world’s first intelligent cloud ERP suite. Harness actionable insights through in-memory analytics, next-gen AI-driven automation, and digital assistants to deliver a digital edge for your business.

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Influencing Customers Through Infinite Personalization

Imprecise methods for influencing customers and measuring impact have hobbled marketing in an increasingly data-driven era. A breakthrough discovery may be about to change that.

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Blockchain: Thoughts on the "Next Big Thing"

Blockchain is neither a product nor a system – instead, it is a concept. But it is not an exclusive or expert concept, prohibitive in terms of cost or resource. Blockchain is a new frontier, largely unmined and full of opportunity.

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