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Microsoft HealthBOT for COVID-19.

Company: MICROSOFT, s.r.o.

MS Health team has created a BOT that is intended to help medical institutions to deal with increased number of questions around COVID-19.

It is a part of The Microsoft Health BOT project that is designed to enable partners and customers to easily create intelligent a compliant healthcare virtual assistants and health bots.

The BOT currently offers 3 COVID-19 scenarios: COVID-19 assessment (sourced by CDC), COVID-19 FAQ (sourced by CDC) and COVID-19 metrics.

Creating such BOT with the scenarios and integrating it into the customer webpage can be done in as little as 1 day.

In order to see what does the customer get in a 1 day engagement please check out this web site. The bot you can see here is actually built on health bot platform described above.

https://www.providence.org/patients-and-visitors/coronavirus-advisory, and here is a localized version in Slovak, for example: https://coronabot.blob.core.windows.net/$web/index.html

In Czech Republic we offer a localized version, together with the integrations service provided by Microsoft, free of charge. The BOT is offered for free as well.

There are possibilities to have bot to human handover as well as full reporting on the bot usage, which can help the institutions locate areas with certain symptoms and do additional analytics etc.

The program is intended for frontline customers, e.g.: provider systems, governments, global healthcare agencies. The only requirement from the customer is to have an Azure subscription in place.

Microsoft Health Bot

Helps to respond to inquiries, provide guidelines to people at need and keep exposed people who do not need medical 
assistance away from healthcare facilities.

In the current situation, healthcare organizations need to be able to respond to inquiries, provide the public with up-to-date outbreak information, track exposure and quickly triage new cases. Further public exposure should be minimized where possible.This is starting to create a significant overload on the healthcare proffesionals that are struggling to provide a proper response. 

Microsoft and Healthcare organizations: Better together
Microsoft can help healthcare organizations with a quick implementation of a Health Bot that will be surfaced through their assets and channels, for various use cases, detailed below. The Healthcare Bot enables a quick and intuitive development environment through its visual design tools and will allow any organization implementing and deploying their Health Bot to easily and frequently adjust and modify the flows per need.

HealthBot can help healthcare organizations quickly deploy use cases like the following:

  • Quickly triage potential patients specifically to COVID-19 exposure criteria, symptoms and risks, according to the evolving protocols. Epidemiologists can produce the initial content and protocols, and those and can be authored and constantly updated quickly and easily through the HealthBot visual design tools for scenario authoring. 
  • Leverage the built-in handoff-to-a-human capability powered by the HealthBot to do a warm-handoff of relevant patients to healthcare professionals for further assistance or further triage, using Teams, Dynamics or a native chat experience. HealthBot allows the handoff to be contextual by providing the conversation details to the live agents receiving the handoff.
  • Provide users with up-to-date credible outbreak information through credible sources like WHO/CDC, or local government web page. 
  • Securely integrate the HealthBot into the customer’s designated website assets and with multiple channels. This will allow broad access to the content at scale.
  • Leverage the HealthBot location integration and allow healthcare organizations to track and report cases from around the world. This would allow getting more visibility into outbreak locations. 

To apply for the COVID-19 offer, please contact your Microsoft Account Executive to submit a request.


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