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More than a half million passengers have already used Prague’s first free electric buses in BB Centrum


Over the year of their operations the Czech SOR electric buses have already transported more than 600 thousand passengers on their regular BB1 and BB2 routes, which join the multifunctional BB Centrum with the Budějovická metro station. Since February of last year the electric buses have travelled more than 40 thousand kilometres. The implementation of electric buses into the Prague mass transit system is a joint project of the development and investment company PASSERINVEST GROUP, the ČEZ Group and the ARRIVA transportation company, which want to contribute to an improvement of the environment and a decrease of the traffic noise in BB Centrum and its environs.

The SOR EBN 9.5 electric buses were first put into operation on their free BB1 and BB2 routes in February 2016 and during its constant service it has transported more than 600 thousand passengers and travelled more than 40 thousand kilometres.

One electric bus travels an average of 100 km a day and transports 1800 passengers over the course of 50 trips. It follows from the recent survey by PASSERINVEST GROUP among the BB Centrum employees that 45% of those surveyed use the shuttle service. More than half of the respondents welcome the operation of the electric buses and their environmental friendliness and they are satisfied with their quiet performance and clean environment.

Over a year of the electric buses’ operations we have noted a great amount of positive reactions. The high number of transported passengers is proof to us that our free routes are heavily used, not only by BB Centrum employees, but also by residents of the surrounding area. That is why we want to continue down this path in the future, thereby contributing to a decrease of emissions and noise in BB Centrum and its vicinity. The emphasis on the protection of the environment is one of our priorities in the construction of BB Centrum,” stated Radim Passer, the Chairman of the Board of PASSERINVEST GROUP.

We have long been pointing out the benefits of electric drive in individual and public transportation. Thus we are glad that over the 12 months of electric bus operations on the Budějovická – BB Centrum route their advantages, in the form of zero emissions, a low noise level and economic operations, have been fully evident in practice. And we are even gladder that the majority of the passengers share these observations with us,” summed up the General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČEZ, Daniel Beneš, with regard to the results of the first year of operations.

The electric buses have proven themselves in daily Prague traffic,” stated the General Director of Arriva, Daniel Adamka. We managed to get rid of the initial growing pains very quickly. Each of the buses has more than 20 thousand kilometres on their tachometers. They always travel on working days and their operational reliability is very good. One overnight charge ensures a full day of problem-free passenger operations between Budějovická and BB Centrum. Electric buses belong in city centres and should become the ecological standard of every large city in the future,” expects Adamka.


Did you know that…

  • the batteries with 180 lithium-ion cells have a total capacity of 172 kWh, which corresponds to the average daily consumption of 25 Czech households?
  • last year it took the Temelín nuclear power plan less than half a second to charge the batteries of one electric bus to full capacity?
  • after a full day of operations the electric buses from the Budějovická – BB Centrum routes once again have full batteries (when recharging 3 × 400 V/32 A) in 6 hours?
  • if the full capacity of 73 passengers is used, one electric bus is capable of transporting more than 3600 passengers a day?
  • Wi-Fi coverage in the electric buses at Brumlovka is a matter of course.

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