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Most Czech companies use cloud and others go to cloud

Company: T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

  • Almost half of companies use server applications in the environment of an Internet browser for e-mails and documents
  • The support for applications for e-mail, documents and teamwork in the cloud is considered ideal
  • Four fifths of companies do not insist on the physical location of their data in the Czech Republic

A survey conducted by T-Mobile in cooperation with Microsoft showed that cloud services are becoming a matter of course in Czech companies. Employees of companies of various sizes, operating in various sectors of production and services, today the vast majority (71%) use laptops for work and increasingly also smartphones (57%) with secure access to corporate e-mail and other corporate systems or applications.

Applications running on remote servers, accessible via a web browser, are used for working with e-mail and internal documents by a full 45% of employees in the surveyed companies, another 7% then access the applications through a virtual desktop. At the same time, more than half (57%) of the managers of the surveyed companies state that they would ideally want to use third-party cloud services in PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) or SaaS mode for work with e-mail, documents and team collaboration ( Software-as-a-Service). Less than a third (30%) of companies want to use a combination of internally operated services and the cloud, and only one in ten companies (11%) will rely only on their own ICT infrastructure.

"The results of the survey clearly show that Czech companies are intensively using the cloud and are ready to use other elements of the corporate IT environment remotely. Businesses stop worrying about public cloud services, or a combination of private and public clouds. Managers are already aware that having data stored on their servers does not mean their greater security and doubts about the efficiency and security of cloud environments are gradually disappearing, "says Michal Erlich from T-Mobile.

According to a survey, more than two-thirds (68%) of companies surveyed use public cloud services today, while another 11% of companies use them for special purposes, such as testing. None of the interviewed managers stated that his company would try to use the public cloud, and subsequently found that this type of service did not suit them. When storing corporate data in the cloud, 52% of companies require their physical location in the European Union, another 9% are satisfied with one of the democratic countries with enforced international law. A fifth (20%) of companies require the location of data in the Czech Republic and only slightly less (18%) companies are satisfied with the guarantee of data protection by a trusted service provider and do not solve the physical location of their data.

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