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Nearly new vehicles on the Czech market are getting newer and newer, with fewer kilometres on the clock and stable prices

Company: Aures Holdings

The most expensive and newest nearly-new used cars are offered by companies in the Karlovy Vary Region, half of these were priced at over 606,000 Czech crowns last year. The least expensive were offered by businesses in the Plzeň and Olomouc regions and surprisingly also in Prague (at an average price of CZK 425,000). Private sellers made up only about six per cent of vendors in this vehicle segment. These are the results of the continuous market monitoring carried out by the Mototechna Company.

A total of 79,583 nearly new cars were offered in the Czech Republic last year. This expression covers vehicles up to two years old. The figure increased by 1.8 per cent year-on-year over the entire market. “It is interesting that the number of kilometres on the clocks of vehicles offered on the Czech market is falling rapidly. While in 2016 half the vehicles had 17,539 kilometres on the clock, the figure fell to just 15,745 kilometres last year. The median sales price of nearly new cars increased by just roughly one per cent. This is also confirmed by our experience with sales of nearly new cars under the Mototechna brand, and it demonstrates increased purchasing power, but particularly the increasingly dynamic nature of the trade in used cars and the shortening periods of ownership for specific models,“ Mototechna brand director Stanislav Gálik stated.

The re-launched Mototechna brand, which belongs to the AAA AUTO Group and specialises in selling nearly new cars, saw a rise in demand of 9.7 per cent last year in this segment of the market. A total of nearly 7,500 nearly new cars were sold under the Mototechna brand in 2017, and nearly 40,000 vehicles since 2012. The fact that nearly new vehicles from Mototechna are available immediately also contributes to their popularity, as the waiting period for new vehicles can exceed a year. “Mototechna currently offers over 1,200 nearly new vehicles of practically all the marques present on the Czech market. Vehicles with petrol engines sell the best and make up three quarters of all the vehicles sold. Our advantage is that we only purchase the most desirable cars from verified companies, which is why demand for our cars is increasing at a faster rate than for the market as a whole. Customers are most interested in models from the Czech Skoda marque,“ Gálik added.

Comparison of the most frequently offered nearly new cars on the Czech market and the best selling vehicles in the Czech Mototechna brand network:


Nearly new cars on the Czech market

Nearly new cars sold by Mototechna


Škoda Octavia

Škoda Fabia


Škoda Fabia

Škoda Rapid


Škoda Rapid

Škoda Octavia


Škoda Superb

Hyundai i30


Hyundai i30

Škoda  Yeti


Volkswagen Golf

Dacia Duster


Škoda Citigo

Kia Ceed


Volkswagen Passat

Kia Sportage


Škoda Yeti

Hyundai i20


Opel Astra

Nissan Juke


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