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New Opel Insignia Grand Sport: No Need to Fear the Winter Chill

Company: Amcham

  • Cozy warmth from heated steering wheel, front seats and rear outer seats
  • Heated windshield improves visibility in frosty and humid conditions
  • Remote control stationary heater warms up interior before driving starts

There is no reason to fear the chill of winter when you drive or ride as passenger in the next generation Opel Insignia. The new flagship from Rüsselsheim features an array of protective measures against the cold, including a remote controlled stationary heater, heated seats in the rear as well as the front and a heated windshield. The windshield is defrosted silently and comfortably at the push of a button, by a fine wire heating element. The heated windshield also prevents fogging in humid conditions, further improving visibility and safety. The heating switches off automatically and it can be reactivated if necessary by another press of the button.

In addition to the heated windscreen, the new Insignia Grand Sport provides drivers and passengers with many more ways to keep warm. Drivers can enjoy the luxury of a heated steering wheel, while seat heating is available not only for the driver and front passenger, but also for the occupants of the outer rear seating positions. In the front, the heating is adjustable, and with the automatic seat heating option it can even be controlled via the personalization menu in the information display.

“With the new Opel Insignia, it has never been easier to feel warm and comfortable in an automobile” said Opel’s vice president of sales and aftersales, Peter Christian Küspert, “and the improved visibility from the heated windscreen is a safety benefit for all road users”.

Heating of the seats and steering wheel is operational not only when the engine is running, but also during start/stop. Switching on the heated rear window also activates heating of the exterior mirrors for further improved visibility to the rear.

For the ultimate in wellness as well as warmth, the 18-way adjustable and ergonomically certified AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken) Driver Power Seat additionally features massage and ventilation functions.

The new Insignia can even warm up the passenger compartment before anyone gets in, thanks to the optional remote controlled stationary heater. The factory fitted heater is activated via remote control timer or automatically according to temperature sensors.

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