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Recent estimates of the economic impact of Covid and invasion of Ukraine by Russia

Company: Amcham

Estimates from some of the leading international forecasting institutions.

European Commission Economic Forecast Spring 2022

European Commission proposal for a joint Employment Report 2021

European Semester Autumn Package 2021

EU European Economic Forecast, Autumn 2021

EU European Economic Forecast, Summer 2021

EU Employment and Social Developments in Europe review, impact of Covid-19, July 2021


UNCTAD World Investment Report 2021


OECD Composite Leading Indicators, May 2022

OECD inflation January 2022

OECD on tourism

OECD Economic Outlook December 2021

OECD Health at a Glance November 2021 

OECD Economic Outlook, September 2021

OECD Employment Outlook 2021


WB Commodity Markets Outlook May 2022

WB Globak Economic Outlook in Charts

WB Global Economy: on Track for Strong but Uneven Growth

WB Commidity Markets Outlook, April 2021


IMF Global Financial Stability Report April 2022

IMF Staff Statement on War in Ukraine

IMF World Economic Outlook January 2022

IMF Global Financial Stability Report Update, January 2021

IMF World Economic Outlook Reports, July 2021

IMF Regional Economic Outlook Update, Europe, April 2021

IMF: Housing Prices Continue to Soar in Many Countries Around the World, October 2021

IMF World Economic Outlook October 2021


Statistical Yearbook of the Czech Republic 2021


Czech National Bank Forecast Spring 2022

Czech National Bank Monetary Report Spring 2022

Czech National Bank Global Economic Outlook 2/2022

Czech National Bank Economic Outlook, Winter 2021


Czech Ministry of Finance Macroeconomic Forecast April 2022

Czech Finance Ministry Macroeconomic Forecast January 2022

Czech Finance Ministry Macroeconomic Forecast August 2021

Czech Finance Ministry Survey on Economic Development, 2021

Czech Finance Ministry Economic Outlook, August 2021



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