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Reduced Freight Costs

Company: Amcham

Lehmann & Voss & Co KG produces and markets chemical and mineral specialist products to industrial customers world­wide. The company decided to commis­sion Michael Röper from Expense Reduc­tion Analysts to analyse and optimise their cost management. Over several years of collaboration between the company and Expense Reduction Analysts, the costs of waste management, packaging, work wear, telecommunications, office supplies, spare parts, cleaning and energy were investigat­ed to achieve savings between 5 and 33%.

Additionally, due to shipping costs for goods and documents becoming more important over recent years, Expense Re­duction Analysts also investigated expenses in the categories of courier, express and parcel services for a total spend of around 150,000 Euros per year.

The detailed report provided by ERA ex­amined qualitative and financial aspects. For Lehmann & Voss, high quality processes and short-term availability are essential. The total expenditure was 130,000 Euros for express services and nearly 20,000 Euros for standard packages.

Expense Reduction Analysts contacted available suppliers to receive new offers on the basis of Lehmann & Voss ‘shipping behaviour. The result of this tender was sav­ings potential amounting between 24,000 with the existing and 72,000 Euros with a new supplier. Lehmann & Voss decided to go with a new supplier because of the best offer in terms of prices as well as their cov­erage of dangerous goods. Expense Reduc­tion Analysts then organised the transfer and is now measuring the success of the new processes through regular reports.


“Expense Reduction Analysts has given us more scope thanks to their pragmatic approach and strong results, which was immediately reflected in our cash flow. “

Sedat Akarsu, Head of Logistics


Annual savings: 72,000 Euros


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