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Resalta to build new high-efficiency boiler room for Svatavské Strojírny in the Czech Republic

Company: Resalta Czech republic s.r.o.

Resalta's latest energy efficiency project in the Czech Republic is for Svatavské Strojírny, a leading mechanical engineering equipment manufacturer. Resalta will build a new boiler room that will provide heat for administration buildings, production halls and technology, alloweding Svatavské Strojírny to enjoy energy independence from the district heating network. The implemented solution will not only generate significant financial savings but will also lower carbon emissions by 100 tons each year. Learn more about the project here: https://lnkd.in/dht3Tcu 

Resalta is happy to announce its latest energy efficiency project in the Czech Republic. The mechanical engineering equipment manufacturer Svatavské Strojírny, located in Svatava, near Karlovy Vary in the north-west of the country, will receive a new, highly efficient boiler room.

Svatavské Strojírny, besides manufacturing equipment for industry leaders such as Audi, MAN and ToiToi, also provides comprehensive maintenance and repairs for mining rail transport and pumping equipment of Sokolovská uhelná, making it a key player in the local mining economy. The client was informed by the district heating provider that it would no longer be supplying steam starting in May 2022. It had access to funding but required a technological and project design partner with strong expertise in efficient heating solutions for industry.

Resalta’s solution is to build a new boiler room for on-site heat consumption where it will install two natural gas boilers of a combined capacity of 880 kW, alongside required burners. The solution will provide heat for the entire facility.

The solution will provide the client with energy independence, reducing heating costs by approximately 20% and generate a reduction in CO2 emissions of 100 tonnes each year. Resalta will design the project, build the boiler room and install all the required heating equipment, providing operations and maintenance and guaranteeing efficiency for Svatavské Strojírny.

Resalta is a leading renewables and energy services provider in Central and Southeastern Europe, operating in ten markets throughout the region. A dynamic, fast-growing company, Resalta works with both public and private clients to finance, design and implement projects that champion decarbonization, reduce energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and promote sustainability while generating cost savings. So far, the company has realized over 260 energy projects for over 180 clients and continues to expand its product and service portfolio.


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