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Revolutionising Talent Mapping & Planning

Company: Amcham

With leadership so high on the agenda, yet with organisations lacking the tools to proactively address market volatility and their own changing leadership needs, Hudson’s expert R&D team has conducted new research into the science of leadership.

The result is a way of looking at leadership in individual organisations that ultimately helps leaders identify their leadership needs, assess their current bench strength and develop their leaders, for both today and tomorrow.

What makes a good leader in one situation may not work in another. Context – the cultural, economic, political and environmental factors that define an organisation’s current operating environment – has a large impact on what determines successful leadership.

What is the Leadership Blueprint?

Hudson’s Leadership Blueprint is an interactive dashboard that provides data-driven insights and a comprehensive map of your organisation. Mapping every individual, team and division on performance, potential and the likelihood of derailing, it allows flexible analysis of large amounts of information by combining multiple views and data sources onto a single screen.

Launched in 2015, the Hudson Blueprint offers organisations an unparalleled insight into the performance and potential of their existing leadership talent plus flags those individuals with the potential to derail in their leadership career. A powerful forecasting tool, it allows organisations to plan for contextual changes and meet business goals by getting the right talent to execute their plans.

The Blueprint can help answer people questions such as:

  • What is the bench strength of my talent?
  • Which individuals have the most leadership potential across each of our business units?
  • Where is our leadership pipeline strong?
  • Where should I invest my learning & development budget?
  • Where would we benefit from buying talent, and what skills do we need to bring in?

Hudson’s Blueprint is distinct in that it is underpinned by accredited psychological testing and offers an agile, multi-dimensional leadership view of the individuals that make up an organisation.


How does the Leadership Blueprint work?


First, we measure the performance, potential and risk of derailment for chosen members of an organisation using a range of Hudson’s proprietary assessment tools and exercises.

Each individual is then plotted on a 9-box grid. We have built on the widely-used Potential versus Performance 9-box grid, but have added derailers as another dimension to offer new and unique talent insights for organisations. This allows decision makers to visualise their talent pipeline, plan their leadership succession and identify gaps that need investment, whether developing their current leadership capability, investing in training aspiring leaders or buying in new talent.

Crucially, the Leadership Blueprint is also a powerful forecasting tool: not only can you get an overview of your entire organisation now, but you can also predict future leadership needs, according to your organisation’s evolving goals and changing context. Business needs can change overnight, and the agility of the Blueprint allows you to be proactive rather than reactive to new developments.


What makes the Hudson Leadership Blueprint unique?

What maes the Hudson Leadership Blueprint unique?

The Leadership Blueprint comes to life in the interactive manner in which the information can be manipulated. By applying intuitive user-driven filters, the user can explore the data to show relationships, string specific insights together and find trends in order to answer important people questions.

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