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Student Spotlight: Kim Ly Tran

Company: University of New York in Prague, s.r.o.

The people who surround you influence your mindset and behavior greatly. As a result, spending time with successful, driven or motivated people can make you more successful, driven and motivated yourself. This is one of the most important benefits of studying at UNYP: not only will you meet classmates from over 60 countries, exposing yourself to different cultures and worldviews, but you can also hang out with classmates from interesting backgrounds.

In this interview, you will get to know Kim Ly, a second-year communication student at UNYP. She rapidly gained a following on TikTok in January 2020, thanks to an honest and open communication style that makes her highly relatable to her audience. Since then, she has secured a deal with a major cosmetics company, and is continuing to build her brand.  

"I am a very communicative and ambitious person, and UNYP has helped me with building relationships and gaining resourceful contacts."

Based on your experience, why do you think UNYP is the best choice for you? 

I believe that UNYP was the best choice for me for many reasons. I am a very communicative and ambitious person, and UNYP has helped me with building relationships and gaining resourceful contacts. The American education system also fits me better, as I like to write essays rather than picking a multiple-choice question and memorizing unnecessary amounts of information. 

What do you like the most about the Communication and Media major at UNYP? 

I like this major primarily because it can be used in almost any branch of work, and can be applied to life based on experience, not only on facts. Communication is a staple in building any successful working relationship. This major is not too focused, so any person can find their own interest in it. 

How do you plan to use your UNYP Communication degree after graduation? 

As I am in my sophomore year, I still have time to choose my future dream job. Honestly, I am a very indecisive person, and I am not yet sure what I am good at or what type of work I am passionate about. However, UNYP is slowly showing me all the possibilities and different types of opportunities that my degree enables, so I am sure that by the time I finish here, I will have it all figured out. 

You have a strong presence on social media. How did you build such a strong fan base and what is it like to be an influencer? 

Good question! Before I started as a social media influencer, I had no idea how much work and research needs to be put into this type of job. I started with basic research and binge-watching all types of videos, how to grow a following, getting views, engagement, and all that jazz. But the main reason that I grew a strong audience is through transparency, honesty, and consistency. Being a social media influencer is extremely time-consuming, as you have no set working schedule. My daily life is my job, because I am documenting most of it. 

What would you tell someone who is considering study at UNYP? 

Definitely go for it because it is so worth it. I am not blind and I am well aware of the price, but I look at it as an investment into myself and my future that increases my chances of a successful life. 

You can follow Kim Ly on Instagram or TikTok, and ask her anything about UNYP. If you have a classmate that you think should be featured on our website, please submit their profile at rnguyen@unyp.cz. You never know, there could be a celebrity in your class without you knowing it!  


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