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Summary of all applicable measures in the Czech Republic during the state of emergency

Company: Amcham

The list of measures has been updated continuously. Last update March 26, 2020.

Pursuant to Articles 5 and 6 of the Constitutional Act No. 110/1998 Coll., On the Security of the Czech Republic, the Government declares State of Emergency for the territory of the Czech Republic due to health threat in connection with proven occurrence of coronavirus (referred to as SARS CoV-2) in the Czech Republic, from 2 pm on 12 March 2020 for a period of 30 days.


All hithereto adopted measures were extended to April 1, 2020.


Crisis measures

  • Government Crisis Committee was announced and the first session was held on March 16;
  • The Ministry of Health announced on March 17 that it has authorized the distribution, supply and use of the non-authorized Remdesivir. The medicine will be used in patients in the Czech Republic who have a confirmed coronavirus infection.The effectiveness of this measure is 9 months from the date of its posting on the official notice board of the Ministry of Health;
  • from March 19, 12.00 telecommunications operators and banks are obliged to assist the authorities in tracing the spread of the coronavirus;
  • from March 22, the Ministry of Health has taken an emergency measure regulating the prescription of Plaquenil to ensure that it is sufficient for patients infected with coronavirus.


Free movement of people

  • from 16 March 0.00  ban on free movement of people at the national level, reducing social contact to the necessary minimum, with the following exceptions: way to and back from work, necessary visits or accompanying family members or relatives, or to obtain food and essential supplies, medicines or pet supplies, medical visits or to deal with urgent official matters or post, banks or use petrol stations, also carry out work of police officers, medical staff or social workers, etc, but also walks in the parks or to the countryside. The exemption applies also to funerals, supply and delivery services, public transport services and also to those who provide volunteering;
  • from 19 March all persons shall be prohibited from moving and staying in any place outside their residence without respiratory protective equipment (nose, mouth); a respirator, veil, face mask, scarf, shawl or other means to prevent droplet infection may be used for protection;
  • from March 20, a recommendation for owners of premises in recreational areas to restrict their stays outside their homes;
  • the Ministry of Health strongly warns that citizens with a quarantine order or contact with a positive person should not leave their homes in any way. Citizens who do not experience the symptoms of the disease may travel to a different location, except for closed sites, subject to basic hygiene rules, including a mask, and provided they remain in the enclosure of the holiday home and minimize contact with the surroundings;
  • from March 24, 6.00, until April 1, 6.00, the Ministry of Health issued an extraordinary measure extending the ban on the free movement of persons in the Czech Republic, with the exception of, for example, travel to work or provision of basic necessities of life, such as the purchase of food. At the same time, it is ordered to restrict movement in publicly accessible places and to limit contacts with other persons to the necessary extent. A maximum of two persons, except for members of the household, occupation, business or other similar activity or participation in a funeral, shall be allowed to stay in public places.


Arrangements for travel abroad and return to the country from abroad

  • from 14 March 2020, the ban on entry into the territory of the Czech Republic applies to all foreigners coming from coronavirus risk countries, with the exception of foreigners staying temporarily over 90 days or residing in the Czech Republic and foreigners whose entry is in the Czech Republic's interest;
  • admission of applications for visa and temporary and permanent stays at embassies of the Czech Republic, with the exception of persons whose residence is in the interest of the Czech Republic, has been suspended;
  • proceedings have been suspended in the cases of applications for short-stay visas which have not yet been decided on, with the exception of persons whose residence is in the interest of the Czech Republic;
  • all proceedings on applications on the right to residence over 90 days submitted to diplomatic missions have been suspended;
  • from 14 March 2020, a ban on entry into risk areas has been imposed on citizens of the Czech Republic and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence over 90 days in the Czech Republic, with the exception of persons with an exemption;
  • from 16 March 2020 0.00, the ban on entry into the territory of the Czech Republic shall apply to all foreigners with the exception of foreigners staying temporarily over 90 days or permanent residence in the Czech Republic and with the exception of foreigners whose entry is in the interest of the Czech Republic;
  • as of 16 March 2020, 0.00 shall be imposed on citizens of the Czech Republic and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence over 90 days in the Czech Republic forbidden to leave the Czech Republic with the exception of exempted persons;
  • only commuters who can prove that they are employed within 100 km (air distance) from the state border and shall be allowed to cross borders;
  • extraordinary measure stipulating that all citizens of the Czech Republic and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence over 90 days in the Czech Republic returning from coronavirus risk countries, with the exception of exemptions granted by the Minister of the Interior, are obliged from 13 March from 12.00 to report the fact, by telephone or other remote way, to their GP or GP of their child/adolescent child and spend 14 days in quarantine.
  • the Government recommends to lorry and bus drivers, airline crews, engine drivers, train crews and mechanics, ship's captains and crew members and crews working for the road administration authority who transit or provide transportation services through risk areas, and who are exempted from the mandatory quarantine regulation, that they exercise extreme caution in risk areas and minimize contact with local personnel;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs is assisting with returns home.

Questions and answers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the declaration of a state of emergency in connection with travel.

See also a summary on the Government official website.


Measures at national borders

  • border controls with Germany and Austria and internal air borders have been reintroduced until further notice from 14 March 2020,  00.00;
  • the state border with Slovakia was closed by the decision of the Government of the Slovak Republic, Poland closed the border from Sunday 15 March, and the Czech Republic closed borders to Germany and Austria from March 16 until April 4, including air border, with exceptions for those commuting up to 100km (crow-fly distance) and providing certificate issued by their employer;
  • all cross-border workers (so-called pendlers) are obliged to reduce their movement within the territory of the Czech Republic to meeting their necessary needs (exemptions include necessary visits or escorting family and relatives, assisting another person with their basic needs, or urgent official matters);
  • from 21 March, commuters need the so-called cross-border worker's booklet, which will be stamped by the police on departure and return, and will serve to prove the frequency and regularity of crossing the border
  • on March 23, the Government decided that commuters to Germany and Austria who continue to work in these two countries can do so in a three-week intervals (i.e. find accommodation for 3 weeks in Germany/Austria). They will be placed into quarantine immediately after their arrival back in the Czech Republic. Conditions for commuters to Slovakia and Poland remain unchanged.

See also a summary on the Government Official website.


Measures to ban cultural, sporting and other events and retail and services operations

  • from 16 March 00.00 ban on free movement of people was introduced;
  • from 16 March theater, music, film and other artistic performances, sports, cultural, religious, community, dance, traditional and similar events and other gatherings, exhibitions, festivals, pilgrimages, shows, tastings, markets and fairs, educational events are prohibited until further notice, both public and private;
  • on 13 March 2020, from 6.00, the public is also prohibited from visiting certain service providers - gyms, open-air swimming pools, solariums, saunas and other wellness services, music and social clubs, entertainment facilities, public libraries and galleries;
  • with effect from 14 March 2020 06.00, the ban on public presence in service providers' premises extends to indoor swimming pools and tourist information centers;
  • with effect from 14 March 2020 06.00, the ban on retail sales in marketplaces and open-air markets;
  • with effect from 14 March 2020, the retail sale and sale of services in establishments shall be banned, with the exception of the following (full list of exceptions from March 27):
    • food,
    • motor fuel,
    • heating fuel,
    • sanitary goods, cosmetics and other drugstore goods,
    • pharmacies and dispensaries of medical devices,
    • small pets,
    • animal feed and other supplies,
    • glasses, contact lenses and related goods,
    • newspapers, magazines,
    • tobacco products,
    • laundry and dry cleaning services,
    • sales via the Internet and other remote means, while the goods and services being predominantly sold or offered at the establishment of the business;
    • from March 16, the government specified that the ban does not apply to car repair shops for up to 30 persons, towing services, spare parts for vehicles and manufacturing technologies, mail order services, gardening and agricultural products, public transportation ticket sale, spa facilities at least partially covered by public health insurance, funeral services, flower shops and establishments related to construction. The prohibition also does not apply to activities that are not trades under the Trade Licensing Act.;
    • banks, including building societies, insurance companies, investment firms and other providers and legally regulated financial services intermediaries can continue to serve their clients. These entities may, at their option, limit the opening hours of their branches, outlets and establishments;
    • banned is the operation of driving schools, alternative taxis, except food distribution, banned are self-service laundries and dry cleaners, retail sale of construction products to general public and presence of general public at hobbymarkets. Gathering of general public at sports facilities is prohibited.;
    • blue parking zones in towns and municipalities would be revoked. Direct sale of tickets by train conductors was also banned;
    • open remain shops selling textile materials and haberdashery to ensure availability of material for home face mask sewing. Computer, telecommunications and electronics service facilities remain open;
    • with effect from March 20, the ban on retail and service sales will no longer apply to the activities of real estate agencies and the services of accounting and tax advisors;
    • the ban does not apply to locksmith services and household appliances repair services, maintenance and installation of household machinery or devices and carwash services; 
    • from 24 March, presence of all persons is banned in larger retail stores (over 500 m2 of sales area) selling food, sanitary goods, cosmetics and other drugstore goods, medicaments and medical devices between 8:00 and 10:00, with the exception of persons over 65 years of age and the owners and employees of the stores; more frequent cleaning and disinfection (shopping baskets, handles, etc) were recommended;
    • from 27 March, hotels are allowed to accommodate entrepreneurs and foreigners working in the Czech Republic. (Hotel receptions were closed from March 16, 16.00 and this means loosening the tight measure); 
  • with effect from 14 March 2020 from 6:00 to 1 April 2020 to 6:00, the presence of the public in catering establishments is prohibited, with the exception of establishments not serving general public (eg employee canteens, catering for health and social services providers, prison facilities); this ban does not apply to sales outside the catering premises (eg fast food establishments with a drive-through or takeaway window or the sale of takeaway food without customer entering the establishment), which are allowed to continue to operate without time limit;
  • with effect from 14 March 2020 from 6:00 to 1 April 2020 to 6:00, the operation of catering establishments located within shopping malls with a sales area exceeding 5 000 m 2 shall be banned;
  • unpacked bakery products can be sold only under the conditions of customer distancing at an establisment where means for personal hygiene are available. Self-service food shops are obliged to provide their customers with a means of hand protection (gloves, plastic bag, etc) 
  • with effect from 14 March 2020 from 6:00 am, the operation of gambling rooms and casinos is banned pursuant to Act No. 186/2016 Coll., on Gambling, as amended.

Emergency measures and recommendations on the website of the Ministry of Health.

See also a summary on the Government official website.


Measures in the field of schooling and educational events

  • from 13 March 2020, the personal presence of pupils in primary, secondary and higher vocational education in schools and educational facilities and in collective forms of teaching and examinations at universities and in the events organized by these schools was banned;
  • personal presence in clinical and practical instruction and practice of university students is still permitted;
  • from the same date, the personal presence of pupils in primary art education at art schools (ZUŠ) and language education at language schools entitled to provide a state language examination and at events organized by these schools is also prohibited;
  • from 13 March 2020, the personal presence of persons in education for one-year foreign-language courses with full-time education in institutions registered in the list of educational institutions providing one-year foreign-language courses with full-time education under the State Social Support Act is also prohibited;
  • the personal presence of children, pupils and students and other participants in non-formal education in non-formal education institutions and in competitions and shows organized for children, pupils and students in schools and school facilities is also prohibited;
  • the Ministry of Education announced on March 23, that a single entrance examination for secondary schools for the 2020/2021 school year could take place no earlier than 14 days after government crisis measure concerning the closure of primary and secondary schools is abolished. The school-leaving examination (maturita) would then take place no earlier than 21 days after the reopening of secondary schools.

Information from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

See also a summary on the Government official website.


Measures in international passenger and freight transport

  • with effect from 14 March 2020, 00.00, all carriers in international road passenger transport provided by vehicles with a capacity of more than 9 persons are prohibited to carry passengers across the borders of the Czech Republic;
  • from the same date, the same ban applies to carriers in international rail passenger transport and to carriers in cross-border inland waterway passenger transport;
  • as part of commercial air transport of passengers crossing the border of the Czech Republic, carriers are prohibited from using airports other than Václav Havel International Airport in Prague-Ruzyně;
  • these measures do not apply to the return of Czech citizens and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence over 90 days in the Czech Republic to the Czech Republic, to the transport of empty buses, empty trainsets and empty vessels without passengers back to or outside the Czech Republic;
  • the Minister of Transport may grant an exemption from this measure;
  • the ban on lorries over 7.5 tonnes of weight driving on Czech roads and highways on Sunday and public holidays is lifted until further notice.

Detailed information of the Ministry of Transport 

See also a summary on the Government official website.


Measures in social and healthcare services

  • during the period of emergency in connection with the occurrence of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic, a duty was imposed on students enrolled in full-time studies at colleges and universities in the fields of education focused on social work and social pedagogy, social pedagogy, social and humanitarian work, social work, social-legal activity, charity and social activity or in the program focused on social work, social policy, social pedagogy, social care, social pathology, law or special pedagogy in order to ensure the provision of care in social services facilities;
  • the government will impose a specific work obligation in cooperation with regional governors and the mayor of Prague;
  • with effect from 16 March 2020 for the duration of the state of emergency, all social service providers operating a day care center are ordered to suspend the operation of these facilities; if necessary and to the extent necessary, they must provide clients with other appropriate social services in cooperation with municipalities;
  • with effect from 10 March, visits of patients at facilities providing inpatient health services and social services in residential form are banned, exemptions are stated by the Ministry of Health;
  • from March 16, imposed duty on students of the fifth and sixth years of full-time general medical education at the medical faculties of public universities and the last years of full-time or full-time study programs or fields of education preparing for the nurses, nurses, nurses to ensure the provision of health services to health service providers and to ensure the functioning of public health protection authorities for the duration of the emergency. Government has banned all doctors, dentists, pharmacists and medical staff from taking their leave during the state of emergency;
  • from 17 March 2020, healthcare providers of acute inpatient care to reduce the planned medical interventions to ensure sufficient capacities (personnel, material and technical) for the treatment of patients with COVID19;
  • clients of certain types of residential facilities of social care will not be allowed to take walks outside of the area of the facility, some types of social care facilities will be closed and administrative process for the provision of social care will be simplified. Persons over 70 years of age are not recomended to go outside their homes for the duration of the state of emergency. Exceptions are visits to a health facility to ensure emergency medical care. Municipalities are obliged to provide these persons with the necessary assistance, including the purchase of food and medicines;
  • from March 17, the Government prohibited the distribution of all authorized medicinal products intended for the market in the Czech Republic to the member states of the European Union and further exports of these medicinal products to other countries outside the European Union;
  • from March 18, all health service providers providing spa and rehabilitation care are forbidden to admit new patients. Ban on visits in hospitals and social care facilities (exemptions stated by the Ministry of Health) was newly extended to the presence of fathers at birth;
  • Health insurance companies are making every effort to ensure the necessary health care for the insured and stable funding of health service providers. They are also prepared to pay for contact with the patient, which is conducted electronically and is in accordance with the principle of providing health services at the corresponding professional level;
  • on March 24, the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic presented the present and the future development of COVID-19 epidemic data in the Czech Republic: Availability of intensive care for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 and UZIS data on pandemic management (further details attached below);
  • new rules for facilities serving the elderly citizens were dopted. New rules for medical staff caring for patients with the Covid-19 disease.  

Information from the Ministry of Health and https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/

Information from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for social service providers and labor relations.

See also a summary on the Government official website on social and health care measures.


Measures in the area of services for general public

  • from 16 March 2020, 00:00 to 1 April 2020 to 6:00 public authorities perform services within the limits of the state of emergency measures, including distancing and limited personal contact. Opening hours of institutions' client centers were reduced to Monday and Wednesday to a maximum of three hours on a given day.

See also a summary on the Government official website.


Prison service measures

  • with effect from 14 March 2020, 00.00 hours, for the duration of the state of emergency, the accused in custody, convicted prisoners and inmates in detention facilities are banned.

The Ministry of Justice has introduced a number of other measures relating to the justice sector. 


Inclusion of coronavirus in the list of infectious diseases

  • The Government approved an amendment to the Government Decree laying down for the purposes of the Criminal Code what is considered to be contagious human diseases, contagious animal diseases, contagious plant diseases and pest crops, adding the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus to the list of contagious human diseases;
  • this means that the deliberate spread of new coronavirus will newly be a crime.

Information from the Ministry of Health


Tax measures and economic policy

  • the government approved  measures in the area of ​​taxation, by which the Ministry of Finance accommodated entrepreneurs and other taxpayers affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Details of emergency measures in the area of ​​taxation can be found in the press release of the Ministry of Finance >> Tax Liberation Package 1 (announced on March 15), followed by Tax Liberation Package 2 (announced on March 23).
  • the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (ČMZRB) is offering interest-free loan and guarantees and loans for businesses affected by coronavirus (programs Covid I - suspended on March 20 due to high demand by entrepreneurs- and replaced by Covid II starting on March 31, intended for SMEs and micro businesses). 
  • the government budget reserve of CZK4.87bn in 2020 to be allocated to the health sector. 
  • Czech National Bank lowered interest rates.
  • the program for the protection of employment by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Antivirus, starting from April 1, is designed to help businesses protect jobs and better manage the current situation, so that employers will not have to resort to layoffs. On March 24, the Parliament passed extended care giver’s allowance. The Parliament passed also proposals by Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance deferring health and social insurance payments for self-employed individuals;
  • the Ministry of Finance announced suspension of the Electronic Sales Register (EET) for the period of state of emergency and the following three months. Also, budget deficit for 2020 was extended from 40bn to 200bn CZK and approved by the Parliament on March 24.

See also a summary on the Government official website.



  • Prague City Hall decided that from March 17 0.00, passengers without covered nose and mouth will not be allowed to enter and use public transportation; holiday schedules for public transportation will be in place (metro from March 21, trams from March 23, reduced frequency for bus lines, airport bus connection, night connections); obligation to wear a face mask extends to medical, educational and other facilities;
  • hotline for the elderly over 65 years of age 800 160 166 

https://bezpecnost.praha.eu/udalosti/neco-se-deje_24_2_2020 including information in English



  • Brno City Hall decided that from March 17 0.00, passengers without covered nose and mouth will not be allowed to enter and use public transportation;
  • from March 17, kindergartens were closed (care for children of parents whose profession is crucial for containing the spread of the virus is provided);
  • opening hours of Brno City Hall were shortened as of March 16;
  • hotline for the elderly citizens in Brno 800 140 800 to assist them in their daily lives

https://www.brno.cz/koronavirus, including information in English



Further updates

March 26, 2020 https://www.vlada.cz/cz/media-centrum/aktualne/vyhlaseni-nouzoveho-stavu-180234/

March 24, 2020 https://www.vlada.cz/cz/media-centrum/aktualne/vyhlaseni-nouzoveho-stavu-180234/

March 20, 2020 https://www.vlada.cz/en/media-centrum/aktualne/measures-adopted-by-the-czech-government-against-coronavirus-180545/

March  16, 2020 https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/rozhodnuti-vlady-o-zakazu-volneho-pohybu-osob/

March 15, 2020 https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/vlada-kvuli-sireni-epidemie-koronaviru-omezila-volny-pohyb-osob-na-nezbytne-minimum/

March 13, 2020 https://www.vlada.cz/en/media-centrum/aktualne/the-government-is-strengthening-preventive-measures-in-relation-to-the-coronavirus--closing-shops-and-restaurants-to-the-public-for-ten-days-180337/


Ministry of Health https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/en/, including new hotline numbe: 1212 (choose 5 for psychological counseling) and an app for smartphones https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/spoustime-celostatni-informacni-linku-pro-obcany-v-souvislosti-s-koronavirem/




Ministry of the Interior https://www.mvcr.cz/clanek/opatreni-vlady-o-prodlouzeni-docasneho-znovuzavedeni-ochrany-vnitrnich-hranic-ceske-republiky.aspx


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