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Sustainability is our priority

Company: CTP Invest, spol. s r.o.

CTP became the new member of the Czech Green Building Council. Company wants to certify its entire property portfolio in 6 countries according to BREEAM standards by the end of June 2020. Why has CTP set this ambitious goal? How will CTP contribute to the development of green building industry in the Czech Republic? Stefan de Goeij, CTP and Group Sustainability Officer, took the time to respond.

CTP has recently become very active in the field of sustainable development. What are the main features of your friendly policy / strategy?

CTP has been active in the field of sustainability for a long time, eg in 2011 we certify buildings according to BREEAM. We have recently confirmed our sustainability commitment by creating a new Group Sustainability Officer position, which I now hold. I am dedicated to defining and meeting sustainability goals for our portfolio and society. Our key topics include renewable energy, carbon neutrality, energy efficiency, technology and innovation, data management.

How do you want to contribute to the promotion and promotion of the principles of green construction in the Czech Republic?

We have a large network of tenants and we are the market leader in the Czech Republic, which creates visibility and opportunities. We decided to carry out the BREEAM IN – USE certification of our complete property portfolio, which includes 293 buildings in 6 countries by the end of June this year. A fully certified portfolio that sets the same standards everywhere not only allows us to see the overall environmental impact of our buildings, but also sets the core value of our environmental initiatives. Certification of the entire portfolio of existing buildings according to BREEAM shows CTP’s long-term commitment to our clients and communities. BREEAM requires that we certify buildings every three years. So, as they age, we will invest repeatedly in them to maintain performance standards.

We are entering a new decade – what should the Council and its members prepare for? What should the Council focus on?

One of the key themes is the future of energy – can we continue to use energy in the way we are used to, or do we have to change it drastically? Building methods – building methods leading to circular economy.

Where do you see the biggest barriers to faster development and application of the principles of green construction?

In my opinion, there are no major obstacles, because we manage development and influence ourselves. The biggest obstacle may be that obtaining a building permit is a lengthy process and therefore the construction of green buildings is slowing down. In addition, we are still investigating investment in and return on green buildings, because some solutions and technologies are very costly and not necessarily beneficial for certain projects.


Translated from the Czech original: Udržitelnost je pro nás prioritou, Czech Green Building Council website https://www.czgbc.org, 3.2.2020, URL: https://www.czgbc.org/cs/novinky/minirozhovor-s-exkluzivnim-clenem-ctp


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