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T-Mobile to newly lease devices with fixed-line services

Company: T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

The fees for leasing modems for the Pevný internet vzduchem and Pevný internet do zásuvky services start at CZK 30/month
The fees for set-top boxes to be used with T-Mobile SAT TV start at CZK 50/month
The operator guarantees free maintenance and repairs, replacement in the event of a breakdown or exchange in the event of switching to another technology

On 26 July 2018, T-Mobile is launching a new model for providing devices for selected fixed-line services. Customers will newly lease the devices, whereas they could previously only purchase the respective device in a single payment or in instalments. The change will bring a number of benefits to customers, including saving them money.

When activating any of the fixed-line internet services, customers will have an opportunity to choose between the basic modem (fee of CZK 30/month) and its premium variant (fee of CZK 50/month); with some technologies, only one of the alternatives may be available. Previously, customers paid the full price of the device in a single payment or in CZK 100 instalments over the period of two years. In the case of the satellite TV services, the monthly fees are CZK 50 and CZK 70 for a standard set-top box without a hard drive and for a premium device with a hard drive, respectively.

The new model of providing hardware brings a number of benefits to customers. Throughout the period of lease, the device remains the property of the operator and the customer is entitled to free maintenance and repairs or replacement throughout the term of the service. Therefore, customers do not need to worry that the device will break down on the first day after the expiry of the two-year warranty period and they will have to purchase a new one. For example, the price of the Huawei B2338-168 modem for the Pevný internet vzduchem (“Fixed-Line Internet over the Air”) service is CZK 6,299. Moreover, in the case of a change of technology used for the service – e.g., the customer switches from Pevný internet do zásuvky (“Plug-in Fixed-Line Internet”) to Pevný internet vzduchem – the customer does not need to purchase a new device or pay the remaining instalments for the original modem. On the contrary, the operator will easily and quickly replace the device for another suitable one without any additional costs for the customer.

“The new model for providing hardware to be used with fixed-line services is more comprehensible, economically more advantageous and also easier for customers, because we assume complete care of the device. Since the devices will now be our property, we can quickly replace them for customers in the event of a breakdown or change of technology,”explains Juraj Bóna, Vice President B2C Marketing and Product Management at T-Mobile, adding: “Given the set pricing policy, we believe that we will make premium devices accessible to a larger number of customers, who will thus be able to use services in even higher quality.”

Beginning on 26 July 2018, the new model for providing hardware applies to Pevný internet vzduchem (PIV), Pevný internet do zásuvky (PIZ) and to T-Mobile SAT TV. Other services – internet access via DSL, fibre-optic cable and the IPTV alternative of T-Mobile TV – will follow by the end of 2018.

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