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“The Future is Everyone’s”: Opel Presents New Brand Credo, New Logo and New Insignia Campaign with Jürgen Klopp

Company: Amcham

  • Clear brand promise: Opel makes future technologies available to all
  • Innovations for the people: Approach ingrained in the history of the brand
  • Paradigm shift: From carmaker to connected mobility provider
  • For the digital world: New Opel Blitz symbolizes clarity and modernity
  • “German technology for everyone”: New Insignia campaign with Jürgen Klopp 



We don’t know what the future holds for us.

But we want everyone to be a part of it.

Why should what is important for all, only be accessible to a few?

Progress that puts an end to noise, emissions and accidents.

Networking that brings us closer to those who mean the most to us.

Cars that adapt to their drivers, not the other way around.

Mobility that is actually accessible to everyone.

Technology that evolves with humanity.

We don’t always want to be the first.

But we always want to be the first to make the future accessible for everyone.

Because only when accessible to everyone, new inventions are able to change the world.

 “The future is everyone’s” is the new Opel brand credo and emphasizes the company’s own expectations: Opel democratizes future technologies and makes them available to everyone. This approach is ingrained in the history of the brand and is substantiated by examples such as the introduction of the three-way catalytic converter as standard (1989), fitting all passenger cars with full-size airbags (1995), the debut of the personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar (2015) and the current market launch of the revolutionary Opel Ampera-e electric car with a range of 520 kilometers (according to NEDC). The cross-media campaign for the new Insignia flagship is the first to feature the new brand claim and the refined Opel lightning-flash logo. Jürgen Klopp is the ideal ambassador for the new brand credo.

The automotive industry is changing faster and more fundamentally than ever before. The vehicle itself is no longer the center of attention. Instead the focus is on the mobility of people – a paradigm shift. From mechanics to digital, from fuel to electricity, from owning a car to situation-based mobility solutions. “The new claim ‘The future is everyone’s’ has its source in Opel’s soul. It is a commitment, approach and an obligation – and thus a lot more than a simple product promise,” said Opel CMO Tina Müller. “The brand is a pioneer in democratizing innovations. We have always made premium technologies available to a broad audience. The new claim bridges the gap between Opel’s history and the brand’s future program. That is what drives us and that is what the Opel brand stands for,” added Tina Müller.

Five words, one message: Opel drives innovations for everyone

The new claim emphasizes two sides of Opel’s brand positioning: “The future …” – this reference shows that trendsetting mobility solutions are only possible with constant innovations. This is something Opel is working on daily. “… is everyone’s“ emphasizes that these solutions and future technologies are not only exclusive to a select few but are intended for all. “Future is not an elitist luxury but quality of life for all,” said Tina Müller. Opel has always pioneered the democratization of innovations and premium technologies. The introduction of the three-way catalytic converter and fitting all passenger cars with full-size airbags are seen as milestones in environmental and safety awareness. More recently, the trendsetting IntelliLux LED® matrix light in the mid-range and compact segments, the personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar and the revolutionary Opel Ampera-e electric car are prime examples. These technologies make driving safer and more pleasant, or in other words better for people. “The innovations that we want to deliver are not developed by engineers for engineers but by engineers for people,” said Tina Müller. Opel thus wants to make a decisive contribution to a more humane world of mobility. A world of tomorrow, which will be characterized by autonomous, electric driving and in which people will always be mobile and connected to each other – true to the motto “The future is everyone’s”.

“This brand credo is an approach towards the outside and a mission on the inside: It also send a strong internal signal to our employees, who put their heart and soul into working on the future on a daily basis,” added Tina Müller. The new brand positioning was developed in cooperation with Scholz &Friends. The agency was already responsible for the ‘Umparken im Kopf’ campaign in 2014, one of the most success car campaigns in Germany and this played its part in the comeback of the Opel brand. “’Umparken im Kopf’ stood for a new way of thinking that overcomes prejudice. ‘The future is everyone’s’ stands for the conviction that we can only master the future together. Both claims have one thing in common: They embody an attitude that is bigger than the brand and also goes beyond the ‘automotive’ category,” said Frank-Michael Schmidt, CEO of Scholz and Friends.

The start of a new era is also conveyed by the new Opel Blitz. Focusing on the essential is decisive. And therefore the guidelines for the re-design of the Opel logo were clarity and simplification. Therefore, all communication channels will use an Opel logo with a clear 2D look as of today. Obviously, the basic components of the distinct Opel logo will be maintained – with a circle as a symbol for a wheel and the lightning flash as a sign of pure energy. Easy to recognize even at a glance: simple – straightforward – outright.

How modern leadership style is done: New Insignia with premium technology for all

The new Opel Insignia shows exactly what this credo means on the product side. The newcomer is the first serial production car with the new logo – in this case in 3D – and offers a wider range of intelligent technologies than any other model in its segment. The offer extends from the trendsetting IntelliLux LED® matrix light and the ultra-modern all-wheel drive system to the clever driver assistance systems and the head-up display. An attractive offer, especially for customers who until now have shown more interest in expensive premium brands. In other words, the new Insignia is a real leader – made in Germany. Accordingly, the new 360-degree communications campaign opens with the slogan “German technology for everyone” and Opel brand ambassador, Jürgen Klopp in the starring role.

The unusual main commercial of the campaign – which begins immediately – makes it clear: “There is a new style of leadership. Authoritative – but not dictating. Calculating – and aware of feelings. Going ahead – and taking everyone along. The new Insignia. German technology for everyone.” Leading from the front, motivating – and leaving none behind. The new Insignia is just right for such people, because it is a car for those who know what really matters. Who could represent this better than the approachable and unconventional Jürgen Klopp?

Time for a new leadership style. This is embodied by all our new products, above all by the new Insignia – designed, developed and manufactured in Rüsselsheim. The result of German engineering; our flagship offers premium technology previously known only on luxury automobiles. Borders to convention? They are there to be crossed” says Opel Chief Marketing Officer, Tina Müller.

The slogan “German technology for everyone” is therefore at the heart of the comprehensive 360-degree communications campaign for the new Insignia, which is starting now on all media – from TV, the internet and social media, to radio, print advertisements and billboards.

Campaign films: the new Insignia seizes the advantage

The new Insignia is a real team player that enables new possibilities. This is shown by the other adverts, which feature the innovations of the Opel flagship; premium technologies that give the Insignia an advantage and help other road users in the process.

New leaders demonstrate a wide field of vision and do not get lost in the dark – with the pioneering LED Matrix light. Furthermore, they lead the field – without losing their grip, thanks to the advanced all-wheel drive with Twinster torque vectoring. Reserving a hotel room from inside the car? No problem with OnStar[1]. These are services that make life easier – for everyone.

Additional strengths of the new Insignia are visible online. On YouTube, internet users can see how the Insignia offers business class comfort and puts safety first in six short films that feature ergonomic AGR premium seats, the automatic tailgate, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition. The Insignia additionally offers Opel-typical first class connectivity with IntelliLink and smartphone integration as well as Opel OnStar, which includes 24-hour emergency assistance and new services such as hotel reservation and parking location[2].

Social media campaign: “The boss always has the last word: thanks!”

Opel explains what the new generation Insignia represents with target-group specific messages and special “Guiding Tips” on social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Tongue-in-cheek advice such as “The boss always has the last word: thanks” shows that team players go further in life. The new Opel Insignia is a prime example, with a sporty, elegant appearance, packed full of top technology and cool understatement.

As with other Opel campaigns, the creative agency Scholz & Friends Hamburg is responsible for the 360-degree Insignia campaign. Creative Director Niels Alzen: “The new Insignia is not a car for autocrats! In a world which some people would like to rule single-handedly, this is a strong and timely message. With the Insignia campaign in blockbuster-style we are calling for a more integrative leadership style.”

With the new Opel brand credo “The future is everyone’s” as a commitment, attitude and obligation along with the largest product offensive in the company’s history (“7 in 17”) the brand is set up perfectly for the future. 


[1] Via Booking.com. Email address and credit card required.
[2] Via Parkopedia.

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