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The State of Emergency and Foreigners in the Czech Republic

Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers Česká republika, s.r.o.

Are you a foreigner and your Czech visa is about to expire?
Access to the immigration authorities – such as the Ministry of Interior or the Foreign Police – is currently very limited as a consequence of the state of emergency announced due to the Covid-19 situation. The Ministry invites you to use non-personal forms of contact with the local branch offices where attendance in-person is not required by law. Foreigners who are legally present in the Czech Republic since the announcement of the state of emergency may remain in Czech territory for the duration of the state of emergency without needing to manage their immigration matters.

Foreigners not allowed to enter the Czech Republic
Until the state of emergency has been rescinded, all foreigners are forbidden to enter the Czech Republic. This ban is not limited only to those who arrive from Covid-19 high-risk countries, but applies to all foreigners. The exception applies only to those who hold a long- term permit to stay (visa or residence permit) or permanent residency, or to one of 15 other strictly defined exceptions. Among others, lorry drivers, members of ambulance crews, fire fighters, police or EU nationals transiting through the Czech Republic will be allowed entry. Tourists will not be allowed entry to the Czech Republic.


Do you need to travel abroad? You may not be allowed to leave
Until the state of emergency has been rescinded, all Czech citizens and foreigners with long- term or permanent residency are not allowed to leave the Czech Republic as a consequence of the announced state of emergency due to the Covid-19 situation. Foreigners residing in the Czech Republic who decide to leave despite the ban will not be allowed to return to the Czech Republic during the state of emergency. Czech nationals will be allowed departure only if they can prove residency in another state. Other categories of people who will be allowed to leave the territory are, for example, lorry drivers or cross-border workers who work up to 100 km from the border.***

Tomáš Hunal, Jana Zelová
PwC | Tax & Legal services

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