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Why UNYP is the place to study

Company: University of New York in Prague, s.r.o.

A letter from UNYP MBA Professor Claude Varley: 

"I have been teaching at UNYP for the past twelve years and it is always a pleasure for me to come back to Prague. After a business career with some major multinational companies, I have decided to share with my students the knowledge and experience that I gained during those years. I have been teaching in Monaco, Switzerland, France, Albania, and Serbia, but my favorite university is UNYP. Why? I think it is because I consider UNYP as an excellent place for students to learn what they will really need in their business career. With all their courses, they will be well-equipped to make sound, reasonable, and hopefully fruitful, decisions. UNYP teachers are acting as guides, engaging the students in the exploration of the world’s facts and values. Guided by their education, students will seek out ways of living that have meaning and direction.

Our students are tomorrow’s leaders and, therefore, they have responsibilities. Business is a big game, but a serious game, with rules and regulations. UNYP teaches how to play the game according to some core values: integrity, respect, hard work, excellence, passion.

In my courses, I teach students what they will need, what they will use, what they will be confronted with every month, every week, sometimes every day. They are managers (or will be some day) and what do managers do every day? Make decisions. And whatever decision is made in a business organization, this decision will have an impact on the income statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow. So, they absolutely need to be able to read, understand, analyze, and interpret financial statements. They must also be able to think about the future by preparing budgets, controlling costs, and forecasting “what if” situations.

Many former MBA students who now occupy top positions in multinational and national companies all tell me that their studies at UNYP have helped them tremendously in achieving what they really wanted to do in their business and personal life.

So, UNYP is the place to study!"

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