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Hay Group: Talent Q Accreditation Workshop

2015-11-10 00:00:00
Workshop focuses on the use of personality questionnaires and performance tests Talent Q in the work context for the staff selection, development and management.

The workshop includes a mix of theory, analysis and practical training. During the training you will have the opportunity to learn how to interpret the results of diagnostic Talent Q, and provide personal feedback to both the candidate and the manager, and use the results to make effective decisions by the selection and development of employees.

Target group of the workshop:

The target group of the workshop are professionals in the field of HR, coaches,
psychologists, specialists in recruitment, managers and everyone who is involved
in the administration and interpretation of personality questionnaires and performance

Why participate:
Completion of the course and obtaining accreditation is a condition for for individual use and interpretation of diagnostic Talent Q.

You will get:

• international Talent Q's certificate of diagnosis;
• valuable insight and effective tool for all phases of the life cycle employees;
• access for a participant to the personal completing of the diagnostic Talent Q and complete report on the results;
• Personal feedback on the results of Talent Q provided by a consultant of Hay Group;
• One free access for completing diagnostics Talent Q;
• supervision meetings over the interpretation of the results of Talent Q with an consultant of Hay Group.


Part of the accreditation is is both attandance of the workshop and also subsequent evaluation of individual work and supervision meetings.

Publicly accessible, open course.

LENGTH: 2 days

PRAHA 10. – 11. 11. 2015
BRNO 23. – 24. 11. 2015

Workshop form:

The course consists of a preparatory stage - participants will receive materials and are invited to learn a part of the theory in advance.
The preparatory stage is followed by a two-day intensive course led by experienced consultants, trainers who not only have deep expertise in methods of Talent Q, but also a wide practical experience in the use of diagnostic tools for selecting, developing and working with the management members. To end and receive accreditation for Talent Q is then necessary to develop a working portfolio of the course and complete a supervision exercise with the course lecturer.
The basic element of the accreditation is the emphasis on interaction and practical application of key concepts and skills. The core of the workshop is based on real cases from the practice so that the participants really get specific and practical skills to their real needs.

Contact us:
Hay Group Czech s.r.o.
Lenka Malá

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