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Doing business

Articles, interviews, research & studies, press releases from and about AmCham member companies related to the Czech business environment.

Managing business

Articles sharing best practices and knowledge of managing a business. Shared expertise and experiences of our community are available in this section to raise the standards of operational excellence.

Political Digest: Do not accomodate terrorists

23.06.2017, Company: Grayling Czech Republic, s.r.o.

The 21st century has caught Prague City Council really unprepared. A city that, for the past 10 years, had mainly been struggling with a plastic card and a tunnel seems really uneasy about all the new technologies arriving at the gates. We cannot say that the arrival of services such as Uber and AirBNB were handled poorly, as they literally weren’t handled at all. And while regular taxi drivers in Brno and Prague are taking this issue into their own hands, the city is now focusing on the accommodation services platform AirBNB. It all started a few weeks ago when the mayor, Adriana Krnáčová, expressed concerns that AirBNB would make it easy for terrorists to find accommodation in Prague. Anyone who has been through the AirBNB verification process will find it odd that terrorists would voluntarily shove their ID cards in front of a camera to be able to get a flat in Prague, but let’s leave that argument to one side for a moment. All this merely shows that Czech politicians are unable to introduce rational, up-to-date regulation. So while other major European cities have already reached an agreement with AirBNB, in Prague there are still complaints about rising rents and the mayor of the Prague 1 district fears that his neighbourhood will turn into a giant hotel with no permanent residents. But no hint of a reasonable solution was forthcoming.

Tags: Politics |
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Agricultural prices report double-digit growth

23.06.2017, Company: Komerční banka, a.s.

While agricultural prices continued their strong growth, prices in industry dropped sharply. The slump was to a gross extent due to global commodity prices, led by oil. In agriculture, a variety of items from fresh fruits to livestock showed strong price dynamics. Service prices unexpectedly eased while construction prices recorded only minor growth.       

Tags: Finance |
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West Northwest Bohemia leading in terms of construction activity on industrial & logistics market

23.06.2017, Company: CBRE s.r.o.

More than 40% new supply in 2017 is expected to be delivered in West Northwest Bohemia

Tags: Real Estate |
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3 Key Pillars of the Modern Enterprise

23.06.2017, Company: Oracle Czech s.r.o.

What runs the modern enterprise? “It’s not what you know. It’s what you do with what you know.”

Tags: IT | Business Development | Finance |
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Disclosure of Open Data wins the Act of the Year 2016 title, Electronic Sales Records rank second

23.06.2017, Company: Deloitte

The winner of the Act of the Year 2016 survey is the Wealth of Open Data. This decision was made by more than a quarter (26.4%) of entrepreneurs, companies and the expert public as part of the survey. The phenomenon of the need to work with data therefore overtook the controversial Act on Electronic Sales Records (20.3%), the new Act on Public Procurement ranked third (16.4 %). The survey, organised by Ambruz & Dark Deloitte Legal in cooperation with partners, assesses the best legislative act of the last year affecting Czech business. 

Tags: Politics | Law |
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eDohled = online monitoring & IT committee

20.06.2017, Amcham

Download the presentation about eDOHLED prepared by Jaroslav Mráček of Vodafone  and see upcoming activities below.

Investing into older office objects is not worth that anymore, we can expect conversions to their original use

20.06.2017, Marketplace

The Czech office property market, in particular the Prague market, has recorded an intensive construction of modern office buildings in past years. During a single year 2015,  the Prague market absorbed approximately 190,000 square meters of new office space, and also for this and the next year there is expectation of new development. Due to this situation, older office objects are becoming slowly uncompetitive. 

Tags: Real Estate |

Start searching for your office space in good time

14.06.2017, Marketplace

Decalogue for companies looking for new office space 

Tags: Real Estate |

Can an office improve your ability to recruit people and retain them?

12.06.2017, Amcham

It sure does not hurt.

“The office is the first impression people have of how it will be to work with you,” said Ladislav Kučera, the head of Hays, and chair of AmCham’s Human Resource Committee, “and that is becoming more and more important. A few years ago, the compensation you offered counted for 70-80% of a recruit’s decision. Now, it is 60%. Where you are located, the quality and style of your building, and the atmosphere in your office is a big part of that other 40%. You should not discount how much the decision is influenced by the recruit’s first impression when they walk in the building.”

Knowing your DNA will help you improve your health, performance and appearance

7.06.2017, Marketplace

Most of us try to look our best and we use nutrition to improve our health, performance and appearance. However, how is it possible that someone benefits really well when changing their lifestyle habits, losing fat and improving their fitness? And someone else who uses the same - scientifically proven recommendations - is not that effective or is getting very slow results, which kills his/her motivation? The answer to this may be hidden in our DNA.

Tags: Health |

New AmCham Members & Upgrades in June 2017

1.06.2017, Amcham

It´s our pleasure to inform you about new companies which have decided to join AmCham: DXC Technology to join as a Corporate member in IT industry sector and Bříza & Trubač, advokátní kancelář to join as a Small Business member. Current Corporate member, ExxonMobil Business Support Center Czechia, has upgraded its membership to Corporate Patron.

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