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Doing business

Articles, interviews, research & studies, press releases from and about AmCham member companies related to the Czech business environment.

Managing business

Articles sharing best practices and knowledge of managing a business. Shared expertise and experiences of our community are available in this section to raise the standards of operational excellence.

CaptivesAtTheCore: The Foundation of a Risk Financing Strategy

25.05.2017, Company: MARSH, s.r.o.

This marks the 10th year that we have published an in-depth captive report. Today, global economic and political uncertainty is on the rise, and disruption from technology innovation is growing exponentially, exposing organizations to unfamiliar and sometimes unquantifiable risks. In parallel with these macro trends, more companies than ever see captive utilization as being at the core of innovative risk management strategies.


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Deloitte And McLaren Join Forces To Build Data-Driven Business Products

25.05.2017, Company: Deloitte

The future in business is digital, and it is also collaborative. If it does indeed, require a new kind of leadership — as previously explored here on Forbes - perhaps it is through new partnerships. McLaren Applied Technologies, the advanced technology, innovation and design company, and Deloitte, the business advisory firm, today announced the launch of just such a new partnership: a collaboration to build data-driven business products.

Tags: IT | Business Development |
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Collaboration Tech Development Rests On Community-Enabled Innovation

25.05.2017, Company: SAP Services, s.r.o.

The most recent findings of Gallup’s 2017 “State of the American Workplace” report opened my eyes to a potential opportunity for IT developers. A dramatic shift in the workforce, once viewed as a threat to the IT function, is now an open invitation for developers to flex their innovation muscle and add value to the employee experience.

Tags: IT | Human Resources |
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ČSOB won the Via Bona Award for Good Business

25.05.2017, Company: Československá obchodní banka, a.s.

This year's Via Bona Award has become a symbolic celebration of twenty years of Czech philanthropy. The Via Foundation awards those who help others and are trying to change their surroundings and society for the better already for two decades. During that time, 123 philanthropic stories were awarded. Expert committee has chosen 20 projects and divided them into 4 categories, and the public then voted for the most interesting. The bank received the main prize within the "Good Firm category" for its long-term social responsibility. ČSOB supports, for example, education, professionalism of non-profit organizations and various public benefit projects.

Tags: CSR | Finance |
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MONETA Money Bank moving into a newly-reconstructed building in BB Centrum

25.05.2017, Company: PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s.

MONETA Money Bank and PASSERINVEST Group have signed an agreement for the long-term rental of Building A with a total area of 21 500 m2 in Prague’s BB Centrum. MONETA will be moving into the building, which is currently undergoing complete reconstruction, in the middle of next year, thereby getting new, modern and larger spaces for its further development.

Tags: Real Estate |
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Improving competitiveness of the Czech Republic through better education of young generation

24.05.2017, Marketplace

Why is it essential that businesses work with young talents already in kindergarten and primary schools? Businesses are drivers of societal change, often long before politicians and governments, and the successful ones always start with education at the earliest stage. Why do businesses do it, what do they have out of it and how is it linked to their corporate strategy? 

These and many other questions were answered during the event organised by AmCham Finance Committee on May 23. Five panelists - representatives of AmCham member companies - talked about projects into which is their company investing money and time.

Tags: Health | IT | Education | Human Resources | Business Development | CSR | Finance |

Employer branding from the inside

24.05.2017, Marketplace

In the era of moving generational changes and increasingly demanding markets, it is more and more difficult to find a competent and engaged candidate for the job. Employers are putting a growing effort to compete for new talents. One of the methods to support this type of commitment is providing all employees with an access to high quality catering offer, which will satisfy the varied needs and tastes of the entire staff.

Tags: Human Resources | New Products & Services | Finance |

Legal Aspects of Home Office

11.05.2017, Marketplace

Working from home (the so-called “home office”) has become an increasingly popular form of
income-earning activity based on employment among employees, since it represents a more flexible and sometimes even more efficient method of cooperation between the employee and the employer. The employee does not have to come to the office on a daily basis but (s)he may organize his/her work tasks around his/her own time schedule and capacity, which will allow him/her to achieve a better balance between his/her work and private life (work/life balance). If the home office regime is set up appropriately, it may bring a number of advantages for the employer, such as economy of operation costs, work efficiency growth and, last but not least, an increase in the motivation and long-term satisfaction of employees. 

Tags: Human Resources | Law |

Employer Branding. A key ingredient in attracting new talents.

9.05.2017, Amcham

How to use employer branding to attract excellent candidates? What can you do to promote your company to ideal job applicants? How can your employees become brand advocates? On April 27th, AmCham members gathered to discuss these topics with experts: Martina Jandečková (Managing Partner, MgC GROUP), David Novák (Head of Consumer Marketing, Vodafone) and Petr Andrýsek (Chief Shark, Socialsharks).

IT as a Service: what are the challenges companies are facing?

3.05.2017, Amcham

Cloud, DevOps, SaaS, outsourcing. Even if you are not an IT professional, you might have heard some of these terms when passing by the IT Department at your company. A rapid evolution in technology is fundamentally changing the traditional enterprise IT operating model. New disruptive technologies are impacting the people, processes and governance in IT departments. How to address these challenges? During the AmCham´s IT Committee, held on April 20, IT experts gathered to discuss the latest trends in their area of expertise.

New AmCham Members in May 2017

2.05.2017, Amcham

It´s our pleasure to inform you about new companies which have decided to join AmCham: MARSH, s.r.o., to join as a Corporate member in Finance Category and Na Břehu Rhôny (Pas a Pas s.r.o.), to join as a Small Business/Entrepreneur member in Food products & Beverages category.

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