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Opel and DRIVE C2X: Vehicle Communication Improves European Road Safety

31.7.2014 | Opel Southeast Europe LLC
An increase in road safety and traffic efficiency through vehicle communications ...

Opel Romania: 600 Movano Buses for Schoolchildren

31.7.2014 | Opel Southeast Europe LLC
Opel in Romania has won a public bid to provide 600 Opel Movano Trabus vehicles, the ...

Hilton Hotels in Prague are a Proud Supporter of Hippos at Prague ZOO

31.7.2014 | Hilton Prague & Hilton Prague Old Town
Hilton Hotels in Prague are a proud supporter of the Hippos at the Prague ZOO. On ...

Southpaw Productions invites AmCham members and their families to the Vědecký jarmark science fair

31.07.2014 | Southpaw Productions s.r.o.
PR agency supports not-for-profit group's event focused on popularizing science in ...

ExxonMobil Business Support Center 10 Years Anniversary

30.07.2014 | ExxonMobil Business Support Center Czechia s.r.o.
The ExxonMobil Business Support Center (BSC) in Prague celebrated 10 years ...

Opel is organizing 2nd season of Opel Handy Bike Marathon 2014

30.7.2014 | Opel Southeast Europe LLC
Opel is organizing extreme bicycle race across the Czech Republic and Slovakia (and ...


Community Calendar

An exhibition of the lithography of Mikolas Axmann and bronze statues of Peter Niznansky

10.3.2014 | The Mark Luxury Hotel Prague
Mikolas Axmann’s lithography can be viewed until April 30th 2014. Peter Niznansky’s ...

Summer Art Workshops in Latin Art Gallery

30.6.2014 | Dallmayr Kaffee
Our summer camp is suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old. The program is ...

Professional Actor Training - Summer Shakespeare Conservatory

7.7.2014 | Prague Shakespeare Company
PRAGUE SHAKESPEARE COMPANY invites you to join our 2014 Professional Actor Training ...

Summer Dance Day Camp for kids ages 4-8 and Week Intensive for all ages

14.7.2014 | Rosa Olympia Estrella Dance & Movement Studio



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