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Chocolate joy

2016-03-11 00:00:00
Do you love chocolate sweets? Then there is a unique occasion in Fashion Arena Prague Outlet from March11th till 13th. Variety of sweet special offers are awaiting to bring you Chocolate joy.
Do you know that the Latin name for the cacao tree - Theobroma - means "food of the gods"?
Chocolate is made from the fruit of the cacao tree. Cacao pods contain nibs that are crushed to make unsweetened chocolate. When the cacao nibs are crushed, there are fats and solids remaining. The fats are called cocoa butter. The solids are ground into cocoa powder.
To manufacture 0.5 kg chocolate is about 400-500 cocoa beans used. Among the largest producers of chocolate belong Ivory Coast, Ghana and Indonesia.

You might think that chocolate is harmful to you, but the sweet bars in reasonable quantities have beneficial effects on your body and soul. Chocolate contains a number of antioxidants (especially vitamin C, E and selenium) has antidepressant effect, strengthens the brain and also acts as an aphrodisiac.

And that is why we have prepared a number of special offers for your CHOCOLATE JOY.


• Visit the store for FREE sampling/degustation of delicious Swiss chocolate.
• Get ready for the Easter Egg Hunt with offer 2 + 1 (when buying 3 products have the cheapest free).
• Buy a special personified Lindt Gold Bunny 200g with name ribbon.

FOOD POINT a brand new restaurant in the Fashion Arena Prague Outlet:
• Taste the delicious chocolate cakes – with every meal you get "chocolate treasure" for a special price 39 CZK.
• Experience extraordinary taste of homemade chocolate brownies in the tasting portion for 15 CZK per piece. You can take brownies for your sweetie in the "take away" package home.
• You can observe chocolate printer, order a wafer with personified printing. With purchase from 200 CZK you get a wafer made by chocolate printer for FREE!
• Very popular chocolate fountain and fresh fruit - try the amazing combination of flavours in the tasting portion for 20 CZK!

Starbucks Coffee:

  • Special offer two drinks Premium Hot Chocolate in size Grande for just 149 CZK.

Sweet Story:
• Visit the store for free sampling of delicious chocolates and candies
• Special Easter edition of Toblerone 400 g in Action 2 + 1(when buying 3 products have the cheapest free).

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