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Workshop Tax & Accounting News

2009-12-10 00:00:00
Would you like to know about the latest amendments to the regulations for the 2009 tax and accounting period?
  • Are you unclear about what can and cannot be omitted in annual financial statements (such as a reserve for unused holiday)?
  • Do you know what has to be included in a financial statement and what its identification and form should be?
  • Do you want to minimise your tax liability?
  • Do you want to prevent tax problems in 2010?

If so, please feel free to sign up for our workshop, which will take place in the conference room of Hotel Yasmin, Prague 1, on the morning of 10 December 2009.

The main topics on the agenda will include:

  • News on tax legislation and practice in 2009
  • Janota's package and other legislative changes in 2009
  • Interesting guidelines and judicial decisions
  • What should be done before the end of the year to minimise taxation
  • Forthcoming and approved changes for 2010
  • Amendment to the VAT Act
  • Tax administration and rules of taxation
  • What to get ready for to avoid surprises in 2010
  • News on accounting legislation in the accounting period of 2009
  • Component depreciation
  • Net book value of fixed assets
  • New requirements for presentation of related parties in notes to financial statements
  • Selected areas of financial statements
  • Unused paid holiday
  • Income tax
  • Guarantee repairs
  • Discounts and related estimates
  • Other
  • Financial statements as a whole
  • Individual parts
  • Mandatory and optional elements of financial statements
  • Form of financial statements, signatures

If you wish to attend, please contact us at event@tacoma.eu,  or on +420 731 448 296.

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