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Joyful SUMMER at Žofín Garden

2013-07-07 00:00:00
Company: Zátiší Group
When planning an event for adults, you still should not forget about the children that may attend as well. The better you keep them entertained, the more their parents (and yourselves) will enjoy the party. Tomáš Haffner, the owner of agency specialised in child care that takes care of children during Žofín Garden Brunches to a point that they don’t want to leave, knows best how to win children’s attention.

When  you  get  the  idea  of  hosting  a  party  or  a  family  gathering  at  your  home,  pause  for a second and think about it. You certainly may spend a day tidying up and cooking, then run around with plates and glasses for at least six hours between your kitchen and living room or terrace and perform the role of a clown in the few free moments between serving refreshments and filling-up glasses, and finish with vacuum cleaning after the door closes behind the last guest...

But it seems a lot easier to invite your guests to a restaurant or a children’s centre. The selected venue should be easily accessible and interesting. Think about all the attending children when planning the activities. Places with children’s playgrounds or play rooms with many toys work the best.

All the kids want is to play

Another year of age calls for a great party. Just ask the birthday boy or girl what should their dream party be like as the parents’ and children’s ideas often quite differ. Forget the healthy lifestyle for once and let your children have  what  they  really  want.  A  party  where kids play all the time and do only what they feel like, with unlimited supply of minipizzas, ice cream and limonade, is usually a guaranteed  success.  Do  not  force  the  children  to participate  in  any  educational  games  or sports activities (these things only seem like fun to you) when they want to watch a film. Animators,  clowns  and  theme-parties when  children  wear  masks  and  get  in a role are the most popular with children up  to  10-12  years  of  age.  And,  certainly, tricks,  magicians  and  face  painting.  if  you add a little gift for all attendees, your eternal fame is guaranteed.

Holiday Sunday Brunches Themes:

  • 7 July                Hawaiian party

  • 14 July              Treasures of Egypt

  • 21 July              Superheroes

  • 28 July              Water Games

  • 8 August           Sports day

  • 11 August          Tarzan

  • 18 August          Blue day

  • 25 August          Journey around  the world

  • 1 September      Back to school party

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