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Deloitte: Conference on Corporate Governance

2013-10-16 00:00:00
Company: Deloitte
Significance of Administrative Bodies for the Functioning of Companies: Opportunism or Performance and Responsibility?. Do the fundamental CG principles represent the key to the Company’s successful governance and management? What are the differences in the governance of private and state companies? What is the desired role of an administrative body, what should one expect and require? What is the correct setting for the Company’s bodies to function?

Results of the study entitled Corporate Governance – Survey of the Administration and Management of Companies in 2013, which was prepared by CIoD and Deloitte CG Centre, will be presented at the conference. The announcement of the BEST BOARD and BEST BOARD MEMBER will also be made.

Presenters: Jan SPÁČIL (Deloitte CG Center), Kamil ČERMÁK (CIoD), Monika ZAHÁLKOVÁ (CIoD)


  • INTRODUCTION Kamil Čermák (CIoD), Jan Spáčil (Deloitte CG Center)
  • KEY NOTE SPEECH Christian Strenger (Member of the German Government Commission on Corporate Governance, Board Member of DWS Investments and TUI AG, Chairman of the Germany Funds in New York)
  • 1st Block: “Does appropriate governance increase the Company’s value and performance?”
    Presenter: Luděk Niedermayer (Deloitte)
    Speakers: Christian Strenger, Jiří Hnilica (University of Economics Prague), Vratislav Kulhánek (Industrial Advisors)
  • Survey of the CG in the Czech Republic– Jan Spáčil (Deloitte CG Centre)
  • 2nd Block: “Function of members of administrative bodies and adherence to CG principles: Does the corporate governance function in the Czech Republic and what are the specifics of state companies?”
    Presenter: Kamil Čermák (CIoD)
    Speakers: Petr Firman (EPCE), Irena Trunečková (ČEZ), Luboš Řežábek (OKD)
  • 3rd Block: “Qualification criteria for work in administrative bodies, requirements for members of the bodies and related liability”
    Presenter: Monika Zahálková (CIoD)
    Speakers: Petr Fiman (EPCE), Jitka Schmiedová (Vodafone), Jakub Chytil (Telefónica), Zdeněk Kaufmann (Amrop Dr. Kaufmann & Partner)
  • Announcement of the results of the BEST BOARD and BEST BOARD MEMBER competition
    Kamil Čermák (CIoD), Jakub Chytil (Telefónica), Šimon Mastný (CIoD)
  • The conference will be followed by a reception.

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