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Leadership that Gets Results. Interactive Workshop with Norbert Riethof Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant.

2013-11-29 00:00:00
This interactive workshop will introduce the existential approach to dealing with challenges and MBTI personal typology and explore their role in Inspirational Leadership. In an ever faster and less predictable world, where information abounds, the traditional command-and-control methods no longer deliver results. Today, leaders of organizations must be authentic, ethical, extremely flexible and intuitive decision-makers. They need to create meaning for themselves and for others. Are you equipped to succeed in such an environment?

29th November, 2013, 9–12:30am
Registration from 8:30

This workshop will:
• Explore the way personality types influence communication, intuitive behavior, and a leader’s ability to act and to work with others in an unpredictable environment
• Introduce tools to transform your leadership skills from directing to true leading, and to become an inspirational leader
• Broaden your approach to leading people through the existential and Gestalt principles
• Train you to discover what energizes you and your team

Norbert Riethof has been an Executive Coach and Consultant in the areas of Leadership, Management & Sales for more than 15 years. His coaching approach is aimed at increasing leadership effectiveness, combining gestalt and existential coaching methodologies with the focus on personality preferences. He is a co-founder and co-owner of Coaching Systems and a senior trainer at the Academy of Coaching Excellence. Mr. Riethof also supervises large corporate developmental projects for well-known international companies, mainly in telco, IT and pharmaceutical industries. Drawing from his experience in sales and management positions, he is also extensively involved in individual coaching of managers. He has published two books: "How to Increase Team Effectiveness" focusing on application of coaching and personality type knowledge in leadership development and “Guide to the World of Personality Type and Coaching”.

Venue: University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business
Rohanske nabrezi 671/15a, 186 00 Prague 8

Registration: akralova@katz.pitt.edu  

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