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Goddess Gathering at Chateau Mcely

2014-01-24 00:00:00
January 24 – 26, 2014: A special weekend for women, girls, mothers and daughters, filled with wonderful experiences and divine relaxation. Male “chaperones” are of course welcome!

Dear ladies, we want to help you awaken and hold on to the Goddess within you in 2014. Bestselling author and editor-in-chief of the lifestyle magazine Harper’s Bazaar Bára Nesvadbová, along with beauty and fashion editors from Harper’s Bazaar, will lead a weekend full of experiences and deep relaxation. The choice of venue is not coincidental – the hilltop in Mcely, the place where Chateau Mcely stands, is shrouded in legends of revelation and invocation of the female principle of divinity. More

A ladies’ weekend full of activities awaits you. What can you look forward to?

Special guest Terezie Dubinová, author of the book Roots of Women’s Spirituality, will provide insights into the feminine soul over afternoon tea. Bára Nesvadbová will give us a bedtime reading from her latest book Girlfriend. Lucie Kochová, HB’s beauty editor and a long-time dedicated yoga trainer, will lead a class in inner yoga. Lucie Janotová, fashion editor at HB, will acquaint aspiring Goddesses with the latest fashion trends. Guerlain will give our Goddesses makeovers and Pavla Hodková will capture your new look for posterity, either individually or in family or friend group portraits. Under the guidance of Inéz Cusumano, founder of the Mcely Bouquet line of cosmetics, ladies will blend their own sensuous body oil. During your entire stay, you’ll feast on delicacies from Chateau Mcely’s own acclaimed restaurant, Piano Nobile. You can also take walks in the mystical St. George Forest. 

More at: http://www.chateaumcely.com/en/goddess-gathering-at-chateau-mcely.php

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