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Exhibition: Miloš Vacík

2014-03-07 00:00:00
Company: Dallmayr Kaffee
Latin Art Gallery has the pleasure to present the Czech author with Brazilian soul. Milos Vacik.

Milos is a drummer who plays instruments from all around the world, He is an artist, a composer, a studio musician and a lecturer.

He absolved art in the Václav Hollar Art School. Since 18 years of age he’s been mainly dedicated to professional music as a drummer and percussionist. He founded the first Samba school in the Czech Republic, Tam-Tam Batucada Samba Praga.

It was a surprised to saw Miloš and Tam Tam Batucada playing Samba in Prague, his music filled all with joy and good energy, that's one of the reasons why today we have Milos in  Latin Art Gallery.

Milos paintings are full of stories, symbols, images as recounted jungle adventures, deserts, day and night, stars, and nature.

I can classify the Milos painting as naive, in the direct and pure  way how he applicates the color, which reminds me the Latin American paintings, on the other hand his thick brush strokes lead us to the technique of master Van Gogh, this is the point where the cultures come together. And that is other of the reasons to present a Czech author in Latin Art Gallery.

In the gallery you could see the works that remind Brazil, story of a star, the portrait of author, deep meditation and nature in diferent seasons. In the stairs you could see the night. In the gallery down you will  find reproductions of the art notebooks from Miloš trips.

The Miloš paintings are elaborated with fine and quality materials, the art work  is full of light and good energy if you acquire it you will find  poetry, stories and songs and you will fill your home with great energy.

I want to thank our sponsors Mr. René Sion from Dallmayr Kaffee. Beas vegetarian Restaurant  have been  prepared the rich snacks for us, and also you could try the rich cachasa who sent the Brazilian embassy.

Miloš Tam Tam orchesta  delight us more than one hour in a great presentation of Brazilian music. Also the guests where dancing Samba.

Latin Art is a place where cultures meet and share in happines and armony.

Thanks for coming to Latin Art

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