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Deloitte Focus Group: International Employment

2017-09-26 14:18:00
Company: Deloitte
Address: Karolinská 654/2, Prague 8 – Karlín

Do you have difficulties finding employees on the Czech labour market?
Get them abroad!

Employees from abroad and employees abroad
Lack of employees on the Czech labour market forces companies to look around: either they attract employees from abroad to move and work in the Czech Republic, or they go their way and employ them directly at their home country.

Is it legal? Yes, you just need to fulfil all immigration requirements and EU rules – we will guide you through this process.

Is it advantageous? Might be, if you know what are the international social security and tax aspects related to cross-border employment – we will show you what rules apply.

Is it a good idea? Mostly yes, just make sure that you take out the best from the multi-cultural environment – we will share with you good practices and lessons learned.

The session will be split in two parts:
• During the first hour, we will focus on the highlights and the most important points – so that the strategic managers with limited amount of time can get what interests them;
• The second part of the workshop will go into more details of the international mobility, immigration, social security and income tax aspects – so that the operational people get detailed information on all relevant areas.

Targeted audience:
• Strategic Managers: 9:00 – 10:30
• HR Operations, Mobility etc.: 9:00 – 14:30

LaDana Edwards – Partner, HR Strategist, Deloitte
Jana Michálková – Senior Immigration Specialist, Deloitte
Maria Minárová – Manager, Deloitte
Lucie Rytířová – Senior Manager, Deloitte

26 September 2017

9:00 – 14:30 hod


Deloitte, Nile House
Karolinská 654/2, Prague 8 – Karlín


5400 CZK + 21 % VAT
Complimentary access for Strategic Managers for the Strategic part, if their operational colleague attends the whole workshop

In case of any questions please contact Erika Šanderová, tel. +420 246 042 971.


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