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FuckUp Talk with Vítek Ježek (Rekola)

2021-06-07 16:00:00
Company: Opero
Address: online

Are you interested in what solution a successful entrepreneur chooses in a difficult situation?

Participate in a discussion within the DoToho! program with entrepreneurs and business owners who went through a crisis that strengthened them and started their business. Our next guest is Vítek Ježek, who dreams of bicycles for everyone. In 2013, he began to realize his dream and founded Rekola. Initially, the leisure project, which is still growing - has grown to invest from Ondřej Fryc, has hundreds of thousands of satisfied users throughout the country and millions of loans. Above all, he is responsible for a lot of joy in the streets and on the faces of the scouts!

  • FuckUp Talk takes the form of a 30-minute discussion and a subsequent space for questions from the audience.
  • Gain new experiences, get inspired, share and learn that crises are often opportunities for change and that the crisis can be stronger.

The discussion is moderated by radical innovator and city hacker Tomáš Studeník. Tomáš is improving hospitals, factories, cities and corporations. He heads the consulting company Insane Business Ideas. He brought FuckUp Nights to the Czech Republic, wrote the Great Book of Fuckups. Computer World magazine named him the TOP IT personality of the year 2020. Tomáš is the author of the THEAITRE project, where artificial intelligence wrote a play, which had its world premiere to celebrate 100 years of the robot at the Švanda Theater in Prague.

FuckUp Talk is part of the DoToho! Program, which is backed by Opero together with the Prague Innovation Institute and is intended for owners and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises.


organized by: 
DoToho! & Opero
Tomáš Studeník

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