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Employer branding from the inside

Company: Sodexo s.r.o.

In the era of moving generational changes and increasingly demanding markets, it is more and more difficult to find a competent and engaged candidate for the job. Employers are putting a growing effort to compete for new talents. One of the methods to support this type of commitment is providing all employees with an access to high quality catering offer, which will satisfy the varied needs and tastes of the entire staff.

As shown by this year's Randstad Award survey results (world's largest research project on the employer's image and attractiveness factors of employers) not only financial aspects and other hard factors of employment are important for employees. The study shows that for 17% of workforce the access to the restaurant or bistro is one of the most important elements affecting the attractiveness of work. The results of the study are very important from employers’ point of view. They prove that sometimes even a small investment can raise employees’ commitment and effectiveness, as well as to attract valuable new candidates for the job.

Convenient and time-saving
Czechs and Slovaks are paying more and more attention to their health, physical fitness and proper diet. It is a great potential for employers who can support their subordinates in these activities, providing them with access to high quality catering services. In the best interest of the organization, which wants to maintain employment and engagement level, is to locate corporate offices in buildings that have office restaurant. Access to the canteen is not only a matter of varied and nutritious meals selection. It is also a comfortable solution. Typical canteens turned into restaurants with a diverse, constantly modified offer. A good example here are the premises run by Sodexo.

Trends in Sodexo
•    Offer breakfast from 8am 
•    Access to the canteen whole day (8am to 4pm)
•    Add seasonal products on the menu
•    Offer grilled meats, baked fish, vegetables, soups and vegetable creams
•    Vegetarian meals on daily menu
•    Education and food festivals

Benefits for all
Year after year the awareness of companies is growing when it comes that the well-being of employees is an essential element not only improves the quality of life, but also has a real impact on the quality of work. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) healthy eating at work can increase the productivity of employees up to 20%. It turns out that regular consumption of nutritious meals improves mental performance and concentration of people. Healthy employees perform their duties better, with greater commitment and are also less likely to burn out professionally or use sick leave. Inaccurate, monotonous and high calorie intake diet reduces the efficiency of the body, which in turn affects the deterioration of health, and the results of work. The obvious conclusions from the study suggest themselves: the performance of companies depends on the quality of staff. In the best interests of employers are choosing a trusted provider of food services or the optimal location with access to the restaurant, which serves delicious and healthy dishes.


Author: Andrea Kašová, Operational Marketing Manager CZ/SK, Sodexo On Site Services

Tags: Finance | New Products & Services | Human Resources |

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